How do you compress a deep learning model?

How do you compress a deep learning model?

Recent research has shown significant improvement in compression techniques by applying pruning, lossy weight encoding, parameter sharing, multilayer pruning, low-rank factorization, etc. To compress deep learning models, two approaches exist: compression during training and compression of the trained model.

What is compression model?

Model compression is the technique of deploying state-of-the-art deep networks in devices with low power and resources without compromising on the model’s accuracy. Compressing or reducing in size and/or latency means the model has fewer and smaller parameters and requires lesser RAM.

How do you compress a model?

Given the reasonable assertion that not all weights are important — there are millions/billions of them, after all — one direct way to compress models is by pruning its weight matrices….Pruning other parts of neural networks allows a circumvention of these problems.

  1. Pruning neurons.
  2. Pruning blocks.
  3. Pruning layers.

Why do we need model compression?

Model compression extracts the “simple” model embedded inside the larger one by eliminating redundancies, bringing memory and time efficiency closer to that of the ideal appropriately-parameterized model.

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Why is compression important for a model?

The goal of model compression is to achieve a model that is simplified from the original without significantly diminished accuracy. A simplified model is one that is reduced in size and/or latency from the original.

Which of the following are model compression methods?

The following are some popular, heavily researched methods for achieving compressed models:

  • Pruning.
  • Quantization.
  • Low-rank approximation and sparsity.
  • Knowledge distillation.
  • Neural Architecture Search (NAS)