How do I fix the error code E6 on my Brother sewing machine?

How do I fix the error code E6 on my Brother sewing machine?


  1. Remove the bobbin and bobbin case. – Clean any lint or loose threads. Image may differ, depending on the model.
  2. Turn the machine off and unplug it. – Check your upper thread and make sure it is threaded properly. – Make sure that the thread take-up lever is threaded.
  3. The needle could be bent.

What is the best brother heavy duty sewing machine?

About the Product The ST371HD is the perfect machine for everyday sewing and mending on everything from durable outdoor fabrics to lightweight elegant silks. Including a metal needle plate for smoother fabric feeding, and heavyweight needles, the ST371HD can handle layers of heavier fabrics.

Why is my sewing machine flashing E6?

The upper thread is not threaded correctly. The thread take-up lever is not threaded. When the machine stops just after sewing is started, the upper thread may not be threaded correctly.

Is a Brother sewing machine a good buy?

Both Singer and Brother produce quality sewing machines that are easy to use and can sew many types of projects. The stitches are accurate. And the machines are good for beginners and will grow with you.

How do you fix an L6 error on an air conditioner?

Fault Code L6 If molded case circuit breakers or earth leakage circuit breakers have tripped, do not reset the breaker immediately without first checking for any problems with insulation of equipment. Resetting breakers without a check of insulation may cause damage to equipment.

How do I fix F6 error in AC?

Check to see if the connection between the sensors and the PCB is firmly connected. Then check the sensor sockets are clean – as these are exposed to condensate water so they can corrode – use a small abrasive brush to clean the sockets.

What does E6 mean on Brother sewing?

Probable Cause: The motor locked up because the thread is tangled. Solution: Remove the tangled thread before continuing the operation.