How can I reach Kanchenjunga base camp from Sikkim?

How can I reach Kanchenjunga base camp from Sikkim?

Ways To Reach Kanchenjunga The nearest railway station to Yuksom is the railway station of New Jalpaiguri which is approximately 150 km away from Yuksom. One could take a cab or bus to Yuksom from there. The nearest airport from Yuksom is the airport of Bagdogra which is at a distance of 160 km from Yuksom.

Which is the base camp of Kanchenjunga?

Once your reach Yuksom, the majestic Kanchenjunga base camp trek comes to an end with hundreds of beautiful memories. About the Kanchenjunga: The Khangchendzonga or Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek is considered to be one of the awe-inspiring treks in India.

How long is the Kanchenjunga base camp trek?

Our Kanchenjunga base camp trek is a superb 26 day holiday in the east of Nepal, with 21 days of actual trekking covering 220 km in an area which is far less visited by tourists and includes a wide range of wonderful scenery from lush, tropical jungle through to rhododendron, chestnut and oak forests and high onto the …

How can I reach Kanchenjunga base camp from Gangtok?

The flying distance from Gangtok to the centre of Kanchenjunga is 61.7 KM which can not be covered simply by taking one type of transportation. Instead you would have to reach Yuksom and then trek the rest of the distance of around 45 KM to the foothills of Kanchenjunga which is Lamuney.

How much it will cost to climb Kanchenjunga?

Climbing Mount Kanchenjunga costs from USD 20,500 for Full Board Service. The cost includes cost of all the transportation (Ground transfersm and Domestic Flights), Meals during expedition and trek, services to Base Camp and High Camp, Expedition Equipment, and High Standard Tents at Base Camps [mentioned in Includes].

Can anyone go to Kanchenjunga?

One can not directly reach Kanchenjunga peak, rather they need to travel until Yuksom and then conduct a trek of around 6 days to reach Lamuney which is one of the trekking spots of Kanchenjunga mountain. From there, one can relish on the splendid views of the third highest mountain peak of the world, Kanchenjunga.

Is Kanchenjunga visible from Gangtok?

This is one of the most popular viewpoints especially for watching the sunrise and sunset. Besides these, Kanchenjunga is visible from many other places in Gangtok especially some of the monasteries.

Is Kanchenjunga easy to climb?

Climbing Kanchenjunga is intricate mixed climbing at first and then later involves one of the longest horizontal climbs above 8,000 metres, making it a very demanding mountain that requires well planned logistics and a good, strong support.

What altitude is Kanchenjunga base camp?

8,586 m
Within the 11 days expedition, trekkers will enjoy the astounding view of Mt Khangchendzonga (8,586 m), Mt Kokthang (6,148 m), Mt Pandim (6,691 m) and several other peaks in the region….About Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek.

Name of the Peak Height (meters/feet)
Kangbachen 7,903 25,928

Which is the best place to view Kanchenjunga?

Best place to view Kanchenjunga – Sandakphu

  • Asia.
  • West Bengal.
  • Darjeeling District.
  • Singalila National Park.
  • Singalila National Park – Places to Visit.
  • Sandakphu.

Can I see K2 from Gangtok?

How difficult is Kanchenjunga?

Kanchenjunga in Nepal is graded as a strenuous trekking destination. This trek is difficult. By difficult, it means that you have to cross different mountain passes facing tough descends and ascends. Also, this trek is difficult because of the duration you have to invest in trekking.

Why is Kanchenjunga famous?

Kanchenjunga is the world’s third highest mountain. It is located at the India-Nepal border in the Himalayas at an altitude of 8586 m above sea level. Kanchenjunga literally means “The Five Treasures of Snows”. It consists of 5 tall peaks of which each is a divine repository of gold, silver, gems, grain and holy books.

Can Everest be seen from Gangtok?

On a clear day, you can also see Everest from here.

How many people have died climbing Kanchenjunga?

Roughly a dozen or so perished on Kanchenjunga before the first ascent in 1955. Since then, more than 40 people have died on the formidable mountain.

Is K2 visible from Gangtok?

Is k2 visible from Gangtok?

Why climbing Kanchenjunga is difficult?

Kanchenjunga is the highest peak in India and the easternmost of the peaks higher than 8,000 metres. As per Everesters in Bengal, the constant threat of snowstorms and avalanches makes the peak dangerous for climbers. Near the top, the oxygen in the air is about a third at the sea level.