How can I check my Saurashtra external result?

How can I check my Saurashtra external result?

Visit the official Saurashtra University website,

  1. Saurashtra University’s official page will open.
  2. Scroll down the home page and click on ‘Result’.
  3. Now the Saurashtra University Result Portal will open.
  4. Click on ‘Student’.
  5. Enter your stream, year, month.

How do I download Hall ticket Saurashtra?

How to download Saurashtra University Hall Ticket 2022?

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Scroll down the page and check the “Examination & Result” section.
  3. Click on External Examinations link.
  4. Click on the Saurashtra University Hall Ticket 2022 link.

How can I get my transcript online from Saurashtra University?

FACTS 3 step Transcript process for WES

  1. Create an Account.
  2. Upload your documents and submit your application.
  3. We arrange your transcript from your University and deliver it to your recipients.

Is Saurashtra University Exam Cancelled?

Rajkot: Saurashtra University postponed all the exams for first semester of academic year 2020-21 that were scheduled from December 1. The varsity took this decision on Monday in wake of the rising coronavirus cases in Rajkot and other towns of Saurashtra.

How can I get my transcript online from Gujarat University?

  1. Enter No. of Marksheet you want.
  2. Select services you want to verify. Marksheet Verification (Per Marksheet)
  3. Degree Verification.
  4. Transcript Forwarding per Degree.
  5. Sealed Cover Charges.
  6. Confirm Password.

Why Gujarat is called Saurashtra?

The name of State was given after the Kathiawar and Saurashtra region, both of which generally denote the same geographical region of lands on the main peninsula of Gujarat.

How many departments are there in Saurashtra University?

Saurashtra University has 31 Post Graduate Departments on the campus where total 101 out of sanctioned 157 teaching faculties and 63 contractual/self finance teaching faculties is providing higher education, research facility and their expertise to the students.

What is difference between transcript and Marksheet?

Marksheet is a documentary proof of appearing for an examination and scoring certain marks. Transcripts are essential records of the considerable number of assessments embraced in a combined recorded document kept up by the educational institute.

Who is the dean of Saurashtra University?

Dr. Nitinkumar M Pethani Vice Chancellor Saurashtra University Rajkot Dr. Vijaybhai Desani Pro. Vice Chancellor Saurashtra University Rajkot
Dr Daxaben P CHauhan Dean, Prof. and Head , Commerce Dept., Saurashtra University ,Rajkot Dr J L Garmora Other than Dean Prin. G J Sheth Commerce College, Morbi

What is date of passing?

In a very perfect legal sense actually , Date of Passing’ is the date / month of Conduct of Exam . For instance graduation exams are in April 2019 , in June 2019 results were announced . You are supposed to have legally cleared exams in ‘APRIL 2019 ‘ after declaration of results in June .

What is the passing certificate?

Passing Certificate/Marks Statement. (i) A candidate who has appeared in an examination of the Board shall be issued a statement of marks/grades. (ii) A candidate who has appeared in the examination of the Board and has passed the examination shall be issued a pass certificate.