How can I check my digital ration card in West Bengal?

How can I check my digital ration card in West Bengal?

How to check West Bengal Ration Card status

  1. To check ration card status visit West Bengal ration card status page.
  2. Select the Form type, district, and municipality.
  3. Enter the last 8-digits of your ration card application number or enter the 16-digits ration card application number.
  4. Click on ‘Search’

What is SPHH ration card in West Bengal?

PHH (Priority Households) Households having PHH ration cards are issued 8 kgs of rice monthly per Beneficiaries at the rate of 5 Kgs at the rate of Rs. 3/- and 3 kgs at the rate of Rs. 15/- per kg. 5 kgs is Central Scheme under National Security Act-2013 and 3 kgs is the state scheme.

What is RKSY ration card in West Bengal?

RKSY I or RKSY-1 is a ration card type in West Bengal. Under that scheme, wheat and rice is given to poor people at fair price of Rs. 2/KG.

How do I scan a QR code on my ration card?

Now, when a customer visits a ration shop she/he will present her/his QR Code-based ration card. The shopkeeper will scan the QR Code using the dedicated app. The application will then read the data and send it to the server for verification. The server will then check data and send a response to the application.

Is PHH same as BPL?

‘Priority’ and ‘non-priority’ ration cards will replace the below the poverty line (BPL) and above the poverty line (APL) ration cards respectively when new ration cards as mandated under the National Food Security Act 2013 are rolled out in the State in November.

What are the types of ration card in West Bengal?

These priority categories and their features are explained below:

  • Priority House Hold (PHH) Ration Card. A major section of ration card in the priority sector comes under this category.
  • Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) Ration Card.
  • Annapurna Yojna (AY) Ration Card.
  • State Priority Ration Cards (SPHH)

How can I transfer my digital ration card in West Bengal?

The steps to apply for transfer of Ration card to a new family online are given below:

  1. Step 1: Go to the Official WB Ration Card website. To apply for transfer of Ration card to a new family in West Bengal,
  2. Step 2: Log in to the WB Digital Ration card portal.
  3. Step 3: Fill up FORM 14.
  4. Step 4: Submit FORM 14.

How is smart card scanned?

Use a handheld QR code scanner or webcam to read virtual smartcards using the QR code presented to you by the cardholder.

What is meant by PHH?

Priority Household (PHH) Families which are not covered under AAY fall under PHH. The state governments identify priority household families under the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) according to their exclusive and inclusive guidelines. PHH cardholders receive 5kg of food grains per person per month.

Can we convert NPHH to PHH?

As a first point, you should have to cancel your NPHH as there is no such thing as changing your NPHH to PHH. Visit the nearest Ration office or PDS office and ask for the cancellation of your Existing. Fill the form with all your Ration card details and submit it to the officials.