How big are the Island Packers boats?

How big are the Island Packers boats?

65 foot
This vessel will join the Island Adventure and the Islander in the Island Packers fleet of catamarans. The 65 foot length vessel carries up to 149 passengers and their backpacks whilst traveling to all five islands in the Channel Islands National Park.

Which Channel Island has a visitor center?

Small island visitor centers are located on Santa Barbara and Anacapa Islands and at Scorpion Ranch on Santa Cruz Island. These stations offer exhibits and information on the resources of each island.

Can you see the Channel Islands from Ventura?

The viewing tower offers one of the best views of Ventura Harbor, the Channel Islands, and the Ventura coastline. Visitors can also enjoy the newly released high-definition 25-minute movie entitled, “Treasure in the Sea”, narrated by Kevin Costner.

How much does it cost to take a boat to the Channel Islands?

Most people travel to the islands by boat from Ventura. Although there are no park fees, getting there is expensive — anywhere from $56 to $160 per person, the higher price being for a trip by air to Santa Rosa.

Is there cell service in Channel Islands?

There is very little cell phone reception on most of the islands.

Is there Internet on Channel Islands?

Affordable, reliable, wireless high-speed Internet is available in Channel Islands, California right now. Welcome to Southern California’s fastest growing network – the new choice for those of you who don’t feel you have a lot of choices.

Which Channel Island is most beautiful?

Santa Barbara Island offers some of the most spectacular vistas of the Channel Islands, and you can experience them while hiking the miles of trails that are available. Visit during wildflower season for incredible displays. Santa Barbara Island is also ideal for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and diving.

Does anyone live on Channel Islands?

With a current population nearly 5,000 strong, some Chumash people can trace their ancestors to the five islands of Channel Islands National Park.

Which is better Scorpion Cove or prisoners Harbor?

Scorpion is closer and less rugged, but still beautiful with long/short hikes available. Prisoners is further away and it is meant for only serious well equipped hikers.

Is there cell service in the Channel Islands?

Do you get cell reception on the island? There is very little cell phone reception on most of the islands. Santa Cruz Island sometimes has cell reception, however it is spotty and unreliable.

Where to stay in Ventura County for a dive trip?

Overnight at Four Points by Sheraton or Holiday Inn Express and Suites in the Ventura Harbor before or after your dive trip. Channel Islands Kayak Center arranges kayak tours or rentals to the Channel Islands, and is located next to Islands Packers in the Ventura Harbor.

What is the Ventura port district?

The Ventura Port District, home to the Channel Islands National Park, is committed to providing a safe and navigable harbor and a seaside destination with exceptional facilities, events and services that benefits residents, visitors, fishermen and boaters.

What is Ventura Harbor?

Thank you so much… Ventura Harbor provides a seaside destination and a navigable harbor that benefits residents, visitors, fisherman, and boaters to enjoy Ventura Harbor’s exceptional facilities, events, and services.