Does Discover cashback work with Apple Pay?

Does Discover cashback work with Apple Pay?

You can also use Apple Pay to spend your Discover card’s cash back rewards. All you have to do is make a purchase with Apple Pay, hit “Tap for Details” on the confirmation message, and select the option to redeem your cash back as a statement credit for the purchase.

How do I get cashback from Apple Pay?

How to Get Cashback with Apple pay?

  1. Customers can get cash back by using an Apple card. Whenever a customer buys something from the store, they can swipe an Apple card to get cashback in their Apple Pay account.
  2. Customers can also get cashback by linking their credit or debit card with an Apple Pay account.

Is Apple Card 3% cash back on everything?

Apple Card gives you unlimited 3% Daily Cash back on everything you buy at Apple — whether it’s a new Mac, an iPhone case, games from the App Store, or even a service like Apple Music or Apple TV+.

What is the quarterly maximum cashback for Discover it?

The Discover it® Cash Back earns 5% cash back on everyday purchases at different places each quarter up to a quarterly maximum of $1,500 in spending when activated.

Why can’t I use Discover for Apple Pay?

Why can’t I register for Apple Pay? You may not have the eligible device and/or eligible card. If you need additional support, please contact us at 1-877-742-7822.

Can Apple Pay be used at ATM?

You can use Apple Pay to get cash from your bank account at an ATM without inserting your debit or credit card into a card reader. This article explains how you can do that. This feature is called Cardless ATMs. A lot of major banks offer cordless ATMs.

Does 7/11 give cash back with Apple Pay?

So, does 7-Eleven give cash back? Short answer: 7-Eleven has cash back on debit cards but doesn’t do cash back on credit cards or check purchases. Most 7-11 do cash back up to $10 on debit card purchases. However, 7-Eleven doesn’t have a company-wide cash back policy in place.

What stores give 3% cash back Apple Card?

What Are The Apple Credit Card’s 3% Categories?

  • All Apple purchases. This includes computers, phone accessories, games from the iTunes store, Apple Music and Apple TV+.
  • Duane Reade.
  • Exxon/Mobil.
  • Nike.
  • Panera Bread.
  • T-Mobile.
  • Uber/Uber Eats.
  • Walgreens.

Where does Apple Card give 3% cash back?

Ace Hardware
Ace Hardware is the first home improvement retailer to offer 3% Daily Cash for purchases made with an Apple Card via Apple Pay, up from the standard 2% rate. Other businesses that offer 3% Daily Cash in the U.S. include Apple, Duane Reade, Exxon, Mobil, Nike, Panera Bread, T-Mobile, Uber, Uber Eats, and Walgreens.

Is Discover it good for building credit?

Paying the security deposit on a secured card might not appeal to everyone at first, but the Discover it® Secured Credit Card could be one of your best options for building or rebuilding your credit. It reports to the three major consumer credit bureaus and offers plenty of useful features, all with no annual fee.

How do I link my Discover to Apple Pay?

Apple Pay with Discover: A simple, secure and rewarding way to pay.

  1. Open the Wallet app on your Apple® device. Explore which devices work with Apple Pay.
  2. Tap the + button in the upper-right corner and select “Credit or Debit Card”.
  3. Enter your card details, review the terms, verify your device and you’re set!

Can I use Apple Pay on Amazon?

Apple Pay is compatible with most Amazon Payment Services products and features, allowing you to use it in place of a traditional card payment whenever possible. Use it to accept payments for physical or digital goods; donations, subscriptions, and more.

Can Netflix use Apple Card?

Customers who currently pay for Netflix through Apple can use an Apple gift card to pay for Netflix if Apple gift cards are supported in their country. If you are being billed through Apple and have any questions regarding billing, contact Apple support.