Do it yourself bumble bee costume?

Do it yourself bumble bee costume?

To Make a Bumble Bee Costume You Will Need:

  1. Black leggings.
  2. Black long sleeved t-shirt.
  3. A pair of long, black socks.
  4. Newspaper.
  5. Yellow Duck Tape.
  6. Black Duck Tape.
  7. Bubble wrap.
  8. 2 jumbo black pipe cleaners.

What do you need for a Poison Ivy costume?

All you need is some stretchy velvet fabric (or a pre-made velvet leotard), green tights, fake ivy, and a touch of glitter.

How do you dress like a bee?

Use black pantyhose to make your wings and you’re a bee: Just add yellow stripes to a black t-shirt (tape or fabric works well) and make antennae out of pipe cleaners.

How do you make an easy bumblebee costume?


  1. Cut strips of Black Duck Tape® to fit on the front and back of the tee shirt.
  2. Carefully place the stripes onto the shirt.
  3. Cover a piece of cardboard with White Duck Tape® and cut out wing shapes.
  4. Attach the wings and cone to the finished tee shirt, and you’re ready to for a fun night of trick-or-treating!

How do you dress up as envy?

Green With Envy Envy is known as the green-eyed monster, so be sure to incorporate the color green in your wardrobe. If you want to go all out, consider buying a pair of green costume contacts or wearing green glasses or shades. You can wear whatever green clothes you feel comfortable in.

How do you dress up as bees?

How do you dress gluttony?

You’re Such a Glutton Look for clothing at the thrift store with pictures of food items, and then get them all messy with food stains. Look for food shaped jewelry, hats and other accessories at costume shops. You can also consider a food industry costume like a fast food worker, or wear a pig snout and tail.

How do you dress like a honey bee?

Yes—you’ll need a black shirt, sweater, or dress and a yellow ribbon. You can turn any top into a fun bee costume—you could even use a simple black dress if you like!

How do you dress as wrath?

For a wrath costume, there are many options you can choose. Wrath is known to be dark and angry, so you could wear devil horns, paint your face a menacing color, etc. – just make sure you have an angry look on your face the entire night.