Did Run-DMC make a Christmas album?

Did Run-DMC make a Christmas album?

After Bill—who was then the director of publicity for Rush Productions, which managed Run-DMC—gave the band the idea for “Christmas in Hollis,” they changed their minds and agreed to be on the album.

What is the Christmas rap song called?

You can’t talk about Christmas rap without mentioning the legendary song of the genre. Released in 1979, “Christmas Rappin'” not only made Kurtis Blow’s career but inspired the following songs on this list.

Who wrote Christmas in Hollis?

Run‑D.M.C.Darryl McDanielsJoseph SimmonsJam Master Jay
Christmas in Hollis/Composers

What song is sampled in Christmas in Hollis?

Run-DMC’s ‘Christmas in Hollis’ sample of Clarence Carter’s ‘Back Door Santa’ | WhoSampled.

When did Run DMC release Christmas in Hollis?

1987Christmas in Hollis / Released

Who sang Christmas Hollis?

Run-D.M.C.Christmas in Hollis / Artist

Which rapper has a Christmas song?

Snoop Dogg f/ Daz, Nate Dogg, Tray Deee, & Bad Azz, “Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto” (1996)

What is a good Christmas rap?

Christmas-Themed Rap Is The Best Holiday Music Genre. Fight Me.

  • 1 “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” – DMX.
  • 2 “Christmas in Hollis” – RUN DMC.
  • 3 “Christmas in Harlem” – Kanye West.
  • 4 “Deck Da Club” – Ying Yang Twins.
  • 5 “All I Want For Christmas” – DeJ Loaf ft.
  • 8 “Ludacrismas”- Ludacris.
  • 9 “The Return” – Chance the Rapper.

What album is Christmas in Hollis on?

A Very Special ChristmasChristmas in Hollis / Album

Where is Run DMC originally from?

Hollis, New York, NYRun-D.M.C. / Origin

Has Drake made a Christmas song?

Drake has surprised fans the world over with an early Christmas present: a new single, complete with a wintery music video. The Canadian rapper released the new cut “War,” which is a decidedly un-Christmas-like title, and it features lyrics to match.

Are there Christmas rap songs?

Christmas in HolliesLet the Jingle Bells RockDana Dane Is Coming to TownGhetto SantaChristmas in the CityChillin’ With Santa
Christmas Rap/Songs

Is there a Christmas rap song?

What rappers have Christmas albums?

The Best Christmas Rap Albums

  • of 07. Jim Jones – A Dipset Christmas (2006)
  • Christmas on Death Row (1996) Death Row Records.
  • Gift Rap (2004) Cross Movement.
  • Christmas Rap (1987) © BMG.
  • West Coast Boyz – High Fo Christmas. Amazon.
  • Cee Lo Green – Cee Lo’s Magic Moment. Courtesy Elektra.
  • Peanut Butter Wolf – Badd Santa (2008)