Can I put a tray on an ottoman?

Can I put a tray on an ottoman?

Ottoman Tray Ideas Place a decorative tray on your ottoman, and you can easily use it as a coffee table. We’ll share some great tips on how to choose an ottoman, a tray, and the objects to display. You’ll also learn how to style the tray and create an attractive and practical focal point for your living room.

How big should tray on ottoman be?

Don’t go too small or too big. I use the half rule. Typically your serving tray should be half the size of your table/ottoman. If it’s a large surface your working with try using two square or circle trays instead of one.

What do you store in Ottomans?

The ottoman is a multi-purpose piece of furniture. Ottomans can be for storage, seating options, or as a stand-in for a coffee table. Many types of ottomans have storage options, making them great for coffee tables. Smaller ottomans without removable lids are great footrests, too.

How do I style my ottoman?

Style an ottoman with multiple trays

  1. Try an eclectic mix of colors shapes sizes and patterns.
  2. Use a square, round or rectangular tray.
  3. Add organic materials of wood and fabric.
  4. Stack books that match your interest or hobby.
  5. Use found objects as accessories.
  6. Make a bold statement with oversized accessories.

How do I keep my coffee table clutter free?

Don’t use your tabletop for storage So instead of nicely organizing your daily miscellany on top of your coffee table, do yourself a favor and invest in a table with storage drawers or shelves so you can keep your tabletop clean and clutter-free.

How do you keep surface clutter clear?

How To Keep Surfaces Clutter-Free

  1. Have a not-flat place for each thing you come home with.
  2. Keep tool storage off counters.
  3. Reserve counter space for daily necessities.
  4. Keep your dining table set.
  5. Be mindful of multipurpose spaces.
  6. Try a tilted desk.
  7. Designate a bin for your ‘worn-once’ clothes.
  8. Downsize your bedside.