Are stepper frames any good?

Are stepper frames any good?

STEPPER creates frames that professionals recommend. This creates frames that perform their function perfectly, almost unnoticed by the wearer. The most important function of an ophthalmic frame is to hold a pair of lenses correctly before the eyes with the utmost precision and comfort.

Can you buy tortoise shell glasses?

Eyeconic is the best place to buy tortoise shell glasses online. Our eyewear selection is tough to beat, with a range of brands you know and trust. With so many options, you’re sure to find tortoise shell eyeglasses that fit your sense of style and budget.

Where are steppers glasses made?

The Zeiss Eyewear Architekt Kollektion and Signature Collection are manufactured in Germany. The others are manufactured in Shenzhen, China where Stepper has its own production lines within one of the biggest frame manufacturing factories in the world.

Do tortoise glasses suit me?

Warmer complexions have a more yellow, gold or green undertone that is best complimented by yellower tortoise shell and warm-toned neutrals. For the cooler (blue and pink) toned complexions, avoid reds and yellowy greens and look for the more flattering blues, blue-greens, plums, grey and black frames.

What is TX5 material?

TX5 is a state-of-the-art material for premium plastic frames. It’s transparent so can be coloured and it combines minimal weight with high strength. STEPPER uses a unique high-tech moulding process which allows for 3D-shaping. In turn, this helps to reduce the weight and thickness of the frame.

Are tortoiseshell glasses feminine?

You bet! Tortoise shell glasses suit anybody, both women and men. While some frames may have a more masculine or feminine vibe, many tortoise shell frames are totally unisex. That means both guys and gals can rock the tortoise shell look as often as they want.

Are tortoise shell glasses popular?

Elegant and timeless, tortoise shell glasses have spanned the decades as one of the most popular frame patterns. Their distinctive design features mottled yellow, brown, and amber patches, resembling the appearance of—you guessed it—a tortoise’s shell.