Why is Rajpura famous?

Why is Rajpura famous?

Rajpura junction is the first Railway Junction in Punjab while coming from Delhi side. Rajpura is a small industrial town in District Patiala. It is as a place has been linked as an important town in the Indian history from the times of the “SURI’s” Emperor Sher Shah Suri was the founder of the Suri dynasty.

How many Rajpura are there in India?

Rajpura is a Town and Tehsil in Patiala district of Punjab state in India. Total number of villages in this Tehsil is 239….Rajpura Tehsil population list.

Locations/Villages Badholi Gujran (65)
Population 2011 818
Male 436
Female 382
Households 147

Is Rajpura a good city?

It is very good Locality. All Basic amenities like school, hospital and Market are near by. Rajpura is a popular locality situated in Patiala and the pin code of this locality is 147001. As of now, 10 properties are available for sale in Rajpura.

Where is Rajpura in India map?

Where is Rajpura Located | Rajpura Location Map

City Rajpura
State Punjab
District Patiala
Total Population 82,551
Total Male 43,720

What is the population of Rajpura Punjab?

• Total 76.08 km2 (29.375 sq mi)
Elevation 259 m (850 ft)
Population (2011)
• Total 112,193

Where is Rajpura in Jammu?

About Rajpura Rajpura is surrounded by Bhalwal Block towards North , Panchrai Block towards East , Rajauri Block towards East , Jammu Block towards East . Jammu , Udhampur , Rajauri , Kathua are the near by Cities to Rajpura. This Place is in the border of the Jammu District and Rajauri District.

Is Patiala a district?

Patiala district is one of the famous princely states of erstwhile Punjab. Forming the south-eastern part of the state, it lies between 29°49′ and 30°47′ north latitude, 75°58′ and 76°54′ east longitude. neighbouring state of Haryana in the east and Kaithal district of Haryana in the south.

Is Rajpura a town or city?

Rajpura (Punjabi pronunciation: [ɾədʒpʊɾɑː]) is an urban town in Patiala district in the Indian state of Punjab, India, situated along the border of the Indian state of Haryana. It is located 26 KM Patiala city, towards East from District Head Quarter. It is Tehsil Head Quarter.

How many villages are there in Rajpura?

Municipal Council As the city continued to prosper during the 19th century, Rajpura becames as a tehsil includes 252 villages under its municipal limits and is biggest tehsil in Punjab.

How many wards are there in Rajpura Punjab?

25 wards
Rajpura is a Municipal Council city in district of Patiala, Punjab. The Rajpura city is divided into 25 wards for which elections are held every 5 years.

Who is tehsildar of Rajpura?

Mr. Raman Kumar Chalotra, Tehsildar Ghagwal, is transferred and posted as Tehsildar Rajpura, District Ramban vice Mr. Omi Raj Sambria. 7.

What is the Pincode of Samba?

Samba Pin Code is 184121. Samba is located in Samba in Jammu And Kashmir, India. The Pin Code of Samba is 184121.

How many villages are there in Rajpura block?

Rajpura is one of the tehsils in Patiala district of Punjab. There are total 244 villages in this tehsil.

Why is Patiala famous?

Patiala is Punjab’s well known princely state known as city of palaces, parks and polo. Baba Ala Singh; the first ruler of Patiala laid down the foundation of Qila Mubarak in 1763, around which the town of Patiala flourished.

Why Patiala is a royal city?

Patiala is located around the Qila Mubarak (the ‘Fortunate Castle’) constructed by the Sidhu Jat chieftain Ala Singh, who founded the royal dynasty of Patiala State in 1763, and after whom the city is named.

Is Samba a district?

As a District, Samba came into existence vide Government order No. 1345 GAD of 2006 dated 27.10. 2006 with only one Tehsil and 382 villages.