Why is his nickname Riverboat Ron?

Why is his nickname Riverboat Ron?

Yet, they hired former Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera, also known as “Riverboat Ron.” Rivera earned the moniker when he showed the instincts of a riverboat gambler because of his aggressive fourth-down decision making.

Where did Riverboat Ron come from?

During the early part of the 2013 season, Rivera was given the nickname of “Riverboat Ron” by fans and the media after he took several risky decisions, something previously not attributed to him.

What college did Ron Rivera go to?

University of California, BerkeleyRon Rivera / College (1980–1983)

Who does Riverboat Ron coach?

And it is. The head coach of the Oakland Raiders had taken his family there for a getaway. Like most kids in the Salinas Valley, this one is a Raiders fan. He loves the tough, physical style of football the Raiders embodied—and the slogan: Commitment to Excellence.

How old is Ron Rivera?

60 years (January 7, 1962)Ron Rivera / Age

Who does Rivera coach for?

The Washington Football Team
The Washington Football Team has endured two losing seasons, uncertainty at the quarterback position, and a mess of on- and off-field issues since coach Ron Rivera arrived.

How much is Ron Rivera getting paid?


Contract: 3 yr(s) / $19,500,000
Average Salary $6,500,000
Total Guarantees
Guaranteed at Signing
Free Agent: 2019 /

What is Brian Flores ethnicity?

Flores was born and raised in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York City to Honduran parents.

How much does Ron Rivera get paid?

Ron Rivera, Washington Commanders, $7 million per year.

How many rings does Brian Flores have?

Yes, Brian Flores has four rings since he is the champion of four Super Bowls (XXXIX, XLIX, LI, LIII) with the New England Patriots under Bill Belichick. Flores’ first job in the NFL was as a scouting assistant in 2004.