Who wrote Bridges Over Madison County?

Who wrote Bridges Over Madison County?

Robert James WallerThe Bridges of Madison County / AuthorRobert James Waller was an American author best known for The Bridges of Madison County, an enormously successful book in 1993. He was also a photographer and musician. Wikipedia

What happens to Robert in Bridges of Madison County?

In 1982, she receives a letter from Robert’s estate—he has died, his ashes scattered at Roseman Bridge—along with a package containing his cameras, mementos of their time together, and a short letter from him.

What happened to Robert Kincaid in The Bridges of Madison County?

After her husband’s death, Francesca attempted to contact Robert, but he had left National Geographic and his whereabouts were unknown. She later learned that Robert died about three years after her husband, and he left his belongings to her. His ashes were scattered from Roseman Bridge.

What happens to Robert in bridges of Madison County?

What did the letter say in bridges of Madison County?

In the letter, read aloud by her daughter, Carolyn (Annie Corley), Francesca explains to her children that “what becomes most important is being known.” The words are lifted verbatim from the end of the novel, where they function as a postscript, Francesca’s posthumous confession.

What did the letter say in Bridges of Madison County?

How did the Bridges of Madison County end?

At the end of the film, she breaks down in the passenger seat of her husband’s truck as Robert drives out of her life. She narrates the scene in her voiceover but conveys the emotional devastation Francesca feels as a result of her self-sacrifice wordlessly.

Why did they build covered bridges?

It is popularly believed that the purpose of the rooves was to keep snow off the road and to provide shelter for travellers during storms. In fact, the covers were designed to protect the bridge itself. Constant exposure to sun, snow, and rain left wooden bridges with a useful life of about a decade.