Who won Hagler vs Hearns in 1985?

Who won Hagler vs Hearns in 1985?

Won by Hagler by third-round knockout, the fight is considered to be the three greatest rounds in boxing history, due to its constant action, drama, and violent back-and-forth exchanges. Caesars Palace, Paradise, Nevada, U.S. Brockton, Massachusetts, U.S.

What year did Hagler fight Hearns?

On April 15, 1985, in one of his finest bouts, he pummeled Thomas Hearns, dispatching him in three rounds. Hagler, who had legally changed his first name to Marvelous in 1982, was now ranked among the world’s preeminent boxers.

Who defeated Marvin Hagler?

Sugar Ray Leonard
THE richest fight in boxing history produced one of the sport’s most controversial decisions as Sugar Ray Leonard defied the odds and the still formidable skills of middleweight legend Marvelous Marvin Hagler to become the 10th man to win world titles at three different weights.

Who Won Tommy Hearns vs Marvin Hagler?

It was the type of fight and result which made Hagler, Hearns, Duran and Leonard the Fabulous Four. “I want to give Tommy all the credit in the world. He came out the only way he could if he wanted to take something away from a champion,” said Hagler, who had finally won over the crowd for his courageous win.

How many times did Hagler fight Duran?

Hagler came into the fight with 57 wins, 2 losses and 2 draws (ties), 48 of his wins being by knockout. For his part, Panama’s Duran sported a record of 77 wins and 4 losses in 81 professional boxing contests, 58 of his wins by knockout….

Title(s) on the line WBA, WBC and IBF middleweight titles
Tale of the tape

Who defeated Tommy Hearns?

The first took place in 1981 when Hearns lost his championship belt in a grueling 14-round fight to Sugar Ray Leonard. The second was much shorter, a three-round knockout at the hands of Marvelous Marvin Hagler in 1985.

What is the greatest upset in boxing history?

1. Buster Douglas KO10 Mike Tyson, Feb. 11, 1990 — The upset by which all others are measured, not just in boxing but in all of professional sports.

Was there a Hagler vs Hearns 2?

Fans got two thrilling fights for their money this night in 1986 – one ending via violently quick KO, the other being an absolute war of attrition – as a rematch of the greatest fight in history was in the works.

How many times did Hagler and Hearns fight?

NEW YORK – April 15, 2021 – From 1980 through 1989, four great champions and future Hall of Famers raised the level of their sport. It was boxing at its best, at its most enthralling. Over the span of one glorious decade, they fought each other nine times.

Which boxer won the most fights?

Most wins and bouts in a career (Len Wickwar) Len Wickwar holds the record for the most wins and bouts out of anyone in boxing history. Wickwar fought 467 times and won 339 of those bouts.

How many times did Hagler and Hearns fight each other?

What happened in the Hagler-Hearns fight?

To this day, Hagler is bitter about that call, although there is barely a peep of resentment from him at his home in Milan. Hagler knocks Hearns down in the third round in Las Vegas. Photograph: AP Hagler knows how good he was. So do the others. And boxing folk always refer to this fight as Hagler-Hearns, not Hearns-Hagler.

What was the date of Hagler vs Hearns?

April 15, 1985: Hagler vs Hearns. Hagler took a huge risk when he attacked from the outset, looking to trade bombs with possibly the hardest puncher he had ever faced. But when Hearns chose to pursue an early stoppage against a champion as tested, tough and tenacious as Marvelous Marvin, that was an equally huge gamble.

How old are Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns now?

Thirty years on, when the two gladiators were reunited at their induction into one of those Halls of Fame, Thomas Hearns, aged 59, threw down this challenge: ‘Let’s do it again.’ Marvin Hagler, 64, chuckled and replied: ‘Don’t you remember what happened last time?’ How could anyone forget that steamy Las Vegas night of April 15, 1985?

How did Hagler beat the hitman?

Hagler decided it with his gloved rocks, his bullet-headed determination and a frightening relentlessness that reduced the lean, coiled power of the Hitman to reluctant impotence. Hagler, left, and Hearns pose for photographers during a January 1985 Boston news conference promoting their fight.