Who was the best player in the NBA in 1985?

Who was the best player in the NBA in 1985?

Magic Johnson
League Leaders

1. Magic Johnson* • LAL 12.6
2. Isiah Thomas* • DET 10.8
3. Reggie Theus • SAC 9.6
4. John Bagley • CLE 9.4
5. Maurice Cheeks* • PHI 9.2

Who was the first draft pick in 1985 NBA?

Patrick Ewing
The New York Knicks were awarded the first overall pick by winning the first-ever NBA draft lottery, which was held in May of that year. The Knicks used it on Georgetown’s Patrick Ewing. In addition to Ewing, this draft also resulted in several Hall of Famers, including Karl Malone taken by the Utah Jazz at pick 13.

Who got drafted in 1985 NBA?

That 1985 draft class was full of gems: Detlef Schrempf at No. 8, Charles Oakley at 9, Karl Malone at 13, Joe Dumars at 18, Terry Porter at 24. Instead, in a testament to the bias of the day, four of the top six picks were big men, and three of them—Benjamin, Jon Koncak and Joe Kleine—amounted to little.

Who led the NBA in scoring in 1985?

Michael Jordan
League Leaders

1. Michael Jordan* • CHI 2313
2. Larry Bird* • BOS 2295
3. Alex English* • DEN 2262
4. Dominique Wilkins* • ATL 2217
5. Purvis Short • GSW 2186

Who was the best player in the NBA in the 1980s?

1. Magic Johnson, PG, L.A. Lakers. Just like he always did, Magic Johnson beats out Larry Bird for the to spot on this list. During the 1980s, he won more championships, more NBA Finals MVPs and he also played at a more efficient rate.

Who did the Lakers draft 1984?

It included first pick Akeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and John Stockton. The draft was broadcast in the United States on the USA Network. In this draft, 23 NBA teams took turns selecting amateur U.S. college basketball players and other eligible players, including international players.

Who was the Number 1 pick in the 1984 NBA draft?

However, Jordan was the third overall pick in the 1984 NBA Draft. The Houston Rockets selected Hakeem Olajuwon with the first overall pick. Sam Bowie joined the Portland Trailblazers with the second pick. Hakeem was dominant in college, justifying his pick as number 1 overall.

Who was drafted in 1986 NBA?

Brad Daugherty was selected 1st overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Chuck Person was selected 4th overall by the Indiana Pacers. Roy Tarpley was selected 7th overall by the Dallas Mavericks. Ron Harper was selected 8th overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Who won scoring title in 1985?

He averaged 37.1 PPG. The NBA Scoring leader for the 1985–86 season was Dominique Wilkins, Forward/Guard for the Atlanta Hawks. He averaged 30.3 PPG.

Who was the best player in the NBA in 1984?

League Leaders

1. Moses Malone* • PHI 13.1
2. Bill Laimbeer • DET 12.4
3. Buck Williams • NJN 12.3
4. Hakeem Olajuwon* • HOU 11.9
5. Mark Eaton • UTA 11.3

Who dominated the NBA in the 80s?

Five-time NBA Champion, 1985 NBA Finals MVP, 1980 NBA MVP, 10-time NBA All-Star, Four-time All-NBA First Team not too bad! Kareem dominated the NBA for two decades and was as smart as any big man ever playing the game.

Who was the best NBA player in the 90s?

Michael Jordan, SG, Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan isn’t just the greatest player in the history of the game. He’s also the most dominant player of the 1990s.

Why was Michael Jordan not at the draft?

The 3rd pick belonged to the Bulls and this is where the biggest “blunder” in draft history was almost made. The Bulls only selected Jordan because the top two big men were gone and they were unable to trade the pick that would be Jordan for centers Jack Sikma or Tree Rollins.