Who was first King of Poland?

Who was first King of Poland?

Bolesław I
Bolesław I, byname Bolesław the Brave, Polish Bolesław Chrobry, (born 966/967—died June 17, 1025), duke (from 992) and then (from 1024) first king of Poland, who expanded his country’s territory to include Pomerania, Lusatia, and, for a time, the Bohemian princely lands.

When was the first Polish king crowned?

April 18, 1025
On this Day, in 1025: Bolesław the Brave was crowned as the first King of Poland. On April 18, 1025, shortly before his death, Duke Bolesław the Brave of Poland succeeded in obtaining the papal permission to crown himself, and thus became the first King of Poland.

What was Poland originally called?

The constitution adopted by the communists introduces a new name for the Polish state, the Polish People’s Republic (Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa, PRL), which replaces the previously used Republic of Poland (Rzeczpospolita Polska).

Why is King Bolesław II of Poland called Brave?

It is Bolesław’s epitaph, which, in part, came from the original tombstone, that is one of the first sources (dated to the period immediately after Bolesław’s death, probably during the reign of Mieszko II) that gave the King his widely known nickname of “Brave” (Polish: Chrobry ).

Why did Bolesław give shelter to Soběslav?

After learning of his kinsmen’s fate, Soběslav settled in Poland. Bolesław gave shelter to him “for the sake of [Soběslav’s] holy brother”, Bishop Adalbert of Prague, according to the latter’s hagiographies. Adalbert (known as Wojciech before his consecration) also came to Poland in 996, because Bolesław “was quite amicably disposed towards him”.

How did Bolesław rule Lesser Poland?

According to a scholarly theory, Bolesław ruled Lesser Poland already during the last years of his father’s reign. Mieszko I, who died in 992, divided Poland among his sons, but Bolesław expelled his father’s last wife, Oda of Haldensleben, and his half-brothers and reunited Poland between 992 and 995.

Who were Bolesław and Emnilda of Poland’s children?

Their second daughter Regelinda, who was born in 989, was given in marriage to Herman I, Margrave of Meissen in 1002 or 1003. Mieszko II Lambert who was born in 990 was Bolesław’s favorite son and successor. The name of Bolesław’s and Emnilda’s third daughter, who was born in 995, is unknown; she married Sviatopolk I of Kiev between 1005 and 1012.