Who sang I could not ask for more first?

Who sang I could not ask for more first?

Edwin McCain
“I Could Not Ask for More” is a song composed by American songwriter Diane Warren and originally recorded and released in February 1999, by American recording artist Edwin McCain for the original soundtrack of the 1999 romantic drama film Message in a Bottle, starring Kevin Costner, Robin Wright Penn and Paul Newman.

What song is Sara Evans famous for?

‘Born to Fly’ A No. 1 hit on Billboard’s country charts, ‘Born to Fly’ is Evans’ most commercially successful hit for a reason. The singable tune might haunt you for days after you hear it, but you probably won’t mind. This song has undoubtedly earned the No.

What was Edwin McCain’s biggest hit?

I’ll Be (Edwin McCain song)

What does Edwin McCain sing?

I’ll BeI Could Not Ask for MoreLetter to My MotherWalk With YouSign on the DoorJesus, He Loves Me
Edwin McCain/Songs

Is Sara Evans a good singer?

From fun, uptempo songs to slower, more serious message songs, and everything in between, Evans has built a hugely successful career on the strength of her song choices, as well as her readily identifiable voice. Our list of the Top 10 Sara Evans Songs encompasses tracks from every era of her career.

Did Sara Evans write her own songs?

Renowned Country Artist Sara Evans Talks About Her New Album, Copy That, And How She Wrote Her Classic Hit Songs. For the past two decades, singer/songwriter Sara Evans has been a leading artist in the country and pop fields.

Are Sarah Evans and Jay Barker still married?

An arrest affidavit from the January incident said Barker attempted to hit two people with a vehicle but missed. The affidavit said Barker and the victim were married but separated and currently living separately. The district attorney’s office told WKRN-TV on Thursday that a divorce is still in progress.

Is Sara Evans married?

Jay Barkerm. 2008–2021Craig Schelskem. 1993–2007
Sara Evans/Spouse

Where is Edward McCain from?

Charleston, SCEdwin McCain / Place of birth

What movie is I’ll be by Edwin McCain in?

The Last Confedera… The Story…2007Scarred But Smarter: Life N Times Of…2013
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What genre is Ed McCain?

PopEdwin McCain / Genre

How long has Sara Evans and Jay Barker been separated?

‘ The documents do not elaborate on the nature of the difference or the marital conduct. The filing states that Barker had been living separately from Evans in Homewood, Alabama, for the past three months. He and Evans have no children together.

Who are Jay Barkers parents?

Jerome BarkerJay Barker / Parents

How old is Edwin McCain?

52 years (January 20, 1970)Edwin McCain / Age

Where did Edwin McCain go to college?

University of South CarolinaCoastal Carolina UniversityCollege of CharlestonCHRIST CHURCH EPISCOP…
Edwin McCain/Education

Is I’ll be a good wedding song?

Phil viewers voted “I’ll Be” the greatest wedding song ever written, but in our interview with Edwin McCain, he revealed that the track was not intended as a love song at all: “It was kind of a Hail Mary prayer for me, personally. And it’s been obviously linked as a romantic song.

Does Edwin McCain drink?

The singer-songwriter Edwin McCain has had several top-40 hits with five of his albums reaching the Billboard 200. What fans of the pop artist may not have read between the lines of his hugely popular love songs, was the inner battle he faced — an addiction to alcohol and drugs — something that started as a teenager.

Who is Sara Evans second husband?

Sara Evans/Husband