Who owns Hanna instruments?

Who owns Hanna instruments?

Martino Nardo
Hanna Instruments

Type Privately Held
Founded 1978 by Anna and Oscar Nardo
Headquarters Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA
Number of locations 60 (2011)
Key people Martino Nardo, Owner/CEO

Where is Hanna Instruments manufactured?

Today, Hanna manufactures over 3,500 products in production facilities located in USA, Romania, Italy and Mauritius. We strive to understand our customers challenges when performing analytical tests so that we can develop practical solutions tailored to their needs.

Is Hanna pH checker accurate?

Hanna’s Marine pH Checker, at a Glance The HI780 Checker®HC (Handheld Colorimeter) is a simple, accurate, and cost-effective way to measure pH in saltwater. pH is a measure of the hydrogen ion concentration in your water; the higher the concentration, the more acidic the water is.

How do you clean a Hanna pH probe?

General Cleaning Procedure For general cleaning, soak your pH electrode in the HI7061L General Purpose Cleaning Solution for at least 15 minutes. Then rinse the electrode with water before allowing it to rehydrate in HI70300L storage solution for at least one hour (overnight for best results).

Why is it important to never touch the glass bulb at the end of a pH meter?

Because what the pH meter is actually measuring are tiny, tiny changes in electrical potential. If you wipe the surface of the bulb, you can induce a tiny static electrical charge on the surface of the glass. Though minuscule, this static charge can be large enough to throw your readings off.

How often should you calibrate Hanna pH meter?

3. Calibrate your Meter Often. For the most accurate measurement we suggest that you should calibrate your meter every time you measure a new set of samples.

What pH do you use to calibrate water?

If you have Deionized water, Distilled water or RO water (Reverse Osmosis) – any of these are preferred to tap water, however you may use tap water if necessary. Also, have some paper towel near by to dab the probe after rinsing.

Are Hanna Instruments good?

Hanna Instruments are renowned for manufacturing affordable, accurate and easy-to-use pH meters. There is a perfect Hanna Instrument for just about every scientific need – from pH pen testers for the avid home gardener, to portable pH meters used in fieldwork, to benchtop pH meters for laboratory use.

How often should a pH meter be calibrated?

For most accurate results with your pH meter and sensor, it’s recommended that you calibrate the device with at least two calibration solutions before every use.