Who designed Suzlon One Earth?

Who designed Suzlon One Earth?

Christopher Charles Benninger
These campuses of reference also contain water bodies, an idea which was translated to Suzlon One Earth. The design and construction process began in 2005, Christopher Charles Benninger spearheaded the design process by fixing the core idea of a courtyard-like central gathering space that was open to the sky.

How is Suzlon One Earth green building?

A hybrid wind (80%) – solar (20%; through photovoltaic panels) energy system located on-site and off-site generates 155 kW of power, making One Earth India’s first 100% renewable energy campus.

When was Suzlon Earth built?

Suzlon-one earth is a corporate headquarters located in Pune, India. The company was established in 1995.It is a “green building” certified company from LEED and GRIHA.

Which is better GRIHA or Igbc?

GRIHA assesses a building based on 4 categories and awards points on a scale of 100. IGBC assesses a building based on 5 major categories totalling for 100 points. No Indian standard is being used. ASHRAE standards being used in majority.

What is the full form of GRIHA?

GRIHA is an acronym for Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment. GRIHA is a Sanskrit word meaning – ‘Abode’. Human Habitats (buildings) interact with the environment in various ways.

How many green building are there in India?

India has a total of 146 LEED certified buildings and spaces, representing nearly 2.8 million gross area square meters (GSM) of space. This marks a nearly 10% increase in LEED certified space in India from 2020.

Which is the first green building in India?

CII-Godrej GBC building
Our first major milestone came in 2003 when the CII-Godrej GBC building in Hyderabad became India’s first platinum-rated green building. It was the greenest building at that point in time and this distinction really marked the start of the green building movement in India.

What is Igbc full form?

The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) was formed in the year 2001.