Where is the Earth Element in Zelda The Minish Cap?

Where is the Earth Element in Zelda The Minish Cap?

The Earth Element is the first of the Four Elements obtained by Link, found within Deepwood Shrine in the Minish Woods. After defeating the Big Green Chuchu, Link obtains the Element and continues his journey to find the others.

What does The Minish Cap do?

The titular “Minish cap” refers to a new ability that allows Link to transform into “Minish size” using portals throughout the world. Link’s smaller size changes his ability to traverse his environments.

How do you get the water element in Minish Cap?

Use the tree stump that appears to shrink down to Minish size. Walk south and into the small path that leads to the back of the cabin. Use the gust jar to get across the water and enter the cabin. Back inside of the house, ride across the lilypad to get across the water.

Is Minish Cap on switch?

The Gorgeous Zelda: Minish Cap-Like ‘Moonstone Island’ Is Coming To Switch. As revealed in the very cool and very unmissable Nintendo Life Indie Spotlight, Moonstone Island is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2023.

What do you do after getting the Earth Element Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap?

Top Voted Answer. In order to progress in the game, you need to learn the Spin Attack in the house directly to the left of the southern entrance to town, then show it to the guard in the northwest corner so he’ll let you pass.

What is the third element Minish Cap?

The Water Element
The Water Element is the third of the Four Elements collected by Link in The Minish Cap. It is found in the Temple of Droplets in Lake Hylia. Its power is infused into the White Sword.

How do you beat Mt. Crenel?

As small Link, head south and go through the canyon. Roll constantly to avoid getting hit by the large raindrops. Grow once you reach the other side. Push the boulder to the left into the hole, and push the boulder below all the way towards the top.