Where is pink diamond Sims 3?

Where is pink diamond Sims 3?

The boulder where the pink diamond spawns is the first large boulder you come to. There will be a couple of bushes by it, the diamond spawns behind the 2nd bush.

Where do you find tiberium in Sims 3?

Tiberium has been found in EA’s The Sims 3: World Adventures expansion pack, a funny and cool little easter egg for fans of the Command & Conquer series. You can find it by breaking Moon Rocks on the Martial Arts Board Breaker, this will let you get them easily.

What do I do with gems Sims 3?

Gems are collectibles in The Sims 3. They are found in their raw form and can be cut by sending them to a gem cutters or by using the gem cutter machine.

Where do you get fluorite in Sims 3?

Additionally, a new gem, Fluorite Palmstone, can be found primarily by breaking stone sculptures. Note that with the Savvy Sculptor trait, your Sim will never see this happen because they don’t break sculptures, ever! Otherwise, the gem can sometimes be found when rummaging through trash cans, using the miner.

Is it worth cutting gems Sims 3?

Early on, before you have access to all of the higher level cuts, it’s still worth cutting every dirt cheap gem you find. Even though some gems will net you more money if you just sell them as is, you should still pay for an emerald cut, just to get to those higher cuts.

What does ambrosia do in Sims 3?

Ambrosia is a unique and powerful single-serving meal, which can be prepared in The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. Ambrosia is able to reverse aging in living Sims, and is able to bring ghost Sims back to life replacing the Resurrect-O-Nomitron.

Is cutting Opal profitable?

So the answer is yes, profit is quite good on this rough/cut stone.

What do plumbob colors mean?

A Sim in a bad mood will have a red plumbob, and the red will get brighter and deeper as the Sim’s mood gets worse. If the Sim is on a date, the date will have a small blue plumbob (known as a DateBob) which will reflect their mood. The deeper the blue, the better their mood.

How do you become a Lapidarist?

To begin a career as a lapidary, an individual should obtain a certification from an accredited gemologist certification program. This program should consist of course work in gemology, gem grading and appraising.

Can you cut crystals?

To cut hard gems, use a faceting machine to grind them into the shape you want. If the gems are softer, like pearl or amber, you can use sandpaper and water to shape the gem. When picking a shape for your gemstone, choose one that’s similar to the current shape of the stone so you don’t waste a lot of it.