Where can I use dining dollars at SBU?

Where can I use dining dollars at SBU?

Retail location
Dining Dollars may be used at any Retail location. Meal Swipes and Guest Passes are for the entire semester and do not rollover. Remaining Meal Swipes and Guest Passes are forfeited.

Where can I use my Ole Miss flex dollars?

Flex dollars can be used at all Ole Miss Dining locations, all on-campus vending machines, and the Café in the Ole Miss Bookstore. Flex Dollars are restricted to food locations on campus including prepared food locations, vending machines, coffee shops, and convenience stores.

Where can you use meal swipes at Ole Miss?

Meals or Plus Ones used at the Rebel Market, the RC, and the Grill at 1810, are purchased using a meal swipe. Meals or Plus Ones used for prepared food or beverage purchases at all other Ole Miss Dining locations are based on a “cash equivalency” valued at $8 each.

What is a meal exchange SBU?

What is a “Meal Exchange”? Meal Exchanges are an OPTIONAL ADD-ON for students on any UNLIMITED MEAL PLAN and add flexibility and value to your dining options. Students may choose from 3 separate package options (16, 34 or 54 meal exchanges).

What is Wolfie Wallet?

Wolfie Wallet is a campus prepaid declining balance debit account encoded on your campus ID. It is a safe and convenient way to make food purchases from on and off campus merchants, make purchases from campus stores and vending machines, mail packages in the residential mailroom, and utilize print and copy services.

Do flex dollars roll over Ole Miss?

Flex Dollars refund policy: Any remaining balance on a Flex Dollars account is carried forward each semester. Carryover balances may not be used to meet future required deposits.

How does Ole Miss meal plan work?

Meal plan participants are granted one meal per visit and a maximum of six meals per day from their plan. Each meal plan allows ten guest meals, part of the total meals, per semester. Guest meals may be used to treat a guest or for personal use.

What are dining dollars Gatech?

Dining Dollar Plans are plans used primarily for retail food purchases on campus, although Dining Dollars may also be used in lieu of traditional meal plan swipes at campus dining halls. Dining Dollar balances roll over from Summer to Fall and then to Spring semester.

Does Wolfie Wallet expire?

After two years of inactivity any value left on the account will be forfeited. Which merchants offer a discount when using Wolfie Wallet to pay for purchases?

How do I add money to my Wolfie Wallet?

Add as little as $1 at a time through any of the following cash-to-account machine locations:

  1. East Side Dining – Near the FSA Services Office.
  2. Health Sciences Library – Near Entrance.
  3. Melville Library – Central Reading Room, 1st & 3rd Floor Stacks.
  4. Roth Food Court.
  5. West Side Dining.
  6. West Apartment Commons.
  7. Chapin Commons.

How do you get a meal plan at Ole Miss?

Any questions may be directed to the ID Center at (662) 915-7423 or by e-mail: omexpres@olemiss.edu. All campus-housed freshmen are required to purchase a meal plan BOTH Fall and Spring semesters of their freshman year, regardless of Greek affiliation.

Do freshman have to purchase a meal plan at Ole Miss?

The Residential College Unlimited Plus One meal plan is required for all residents of the Residential College, regardless of classification. ALL members holding a semester meal plan in the fall will be automatically assessed for the same meal plan in the spring.