Where are the fire staff parts in Origins?

Where are the fire staff parts in Origins?

The staff parts can be obtained in the following locations:

  • After powering Generator 6, the reward box next to it will open with one of the parts.
  • After destroying the plane in the sky glowing orange, which will spawn on the round after opening the path to church.
  • Dropped by the Panzer Soldat on round 8 when it is killed.

Where is the Fire mine in Origins?

The Fire Mine is located outside of Generator Station 1. You will need the Red Record and the Gramophone in order to create the portal. Place the Gramophone on the table and rocks will form on the wall, and eventually a red portal will appear.

How do you upgrade the fire staff in origins?

Upgrade Steps

  1. Fill the Fire Cauldrons. Go through the red portal to the crazy place and stand on the metal grates beside the cauldrons, right in front of the fire portal exit.
  2. Solve the Fire Puzzle.
  3. Line Up the Rings.
  4. Charge the Fire Staff (Collect Souls)

Where is the 4th torch in origins?

There numerous torches on the ground level of the church, around the Zombie Tank. These torches all have a number under them, with the exception of torch 4. It has a blood stain covering the number. There are red symbols on the wall in the top level.

Where is fire disc?

The fire disc can be found in the church area. Here are the possible locations: Inside the church, on the upper floor – Go towards the pues (the long benches) near the wall, across from the fountain. Near Generator 6 – sitting on some crates to the entrance to Generator 6.

Where is the fire disc in origins bo3?

It can be found in three random spawn locations in the church area. One of the places it spawns can be a bit tricky to find. The most commonplace for the red record to spawn is inside the second floor of the church on a bench. Another area where the record might spawn is behind the church where the sixth generator is.

What does the Maxis drone do in origins?

The Maxis Drone is a buildable automated Quadrotor within the Zombies map Origins. It holds the brain of Doctor Ludvig Maxis, who can speak through the drone. Once deployed, it will fly around the player shooting nearby zombies, acquiring Power-Ups and reviving downed players. The Maxis Drone’s weapon is the MG08/15.