What was Chiefs final score?

What was Chiefs final score?

The Bengals now have a pair of second-half comebacks against the Chiefs in 2022.

Did Patrick Mahomes win the game last night?

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs prevail against Buffalo Bills, win dramatic AFC divisional-round game in overtime.

Are the Chiefs going to the Super Bowl 2022?

Chiefs fall short of Super Bowl standard, vow to contend in 2022. (Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

Who won the game between the Chiefs and the bangles?

They got the Bengals to the NFL’s big game for the first time in 33 years with a 27-24 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs for the AFC championship on Sunday.

What happened Mahomes tonight?

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes exited the fourth quarter of Kansas City’s blowout loss to the Tennessee Titans after his helmet collided with Jeffery Simmons’ knee. While Mahomes did not return, coach Andy Reid said after the game that the quarterback cleared concussion protocol.

Did Patrick throw the game?

Kansas City had no timeouts when Patrick Mahomes snapped the ball. He dumped the ball off to Hill behind the line of scrimmage instead of throwing the ball into the end-zone.

Who won AFC championship 2021?

Kansas City Chiefs2021 AFC Championship Game / Champion

Is Patrick Mahomes wife an athlete?

Brittany MatthewsPatrick Mahomes II / Wife (m. 2022)

What is Mahomes ethnic background?

Mahomes was awarded the Super Bowl MVP for his performance, the second African-American quarterback and youngest overall to do so. He is also the third African American quarterback to win a Super Bowl.

How good is the Kansas City Chiefs?

Zach Kruse (5-3): Packers 27,Chiefs 24. I went back and forth on this prediction.

  • Jack Wepfer (6-2): Packers 27,Chiefs 24. I predict…chaos.
  • Brandon Carwile (5-3): Chiefs 23,Packers 20.
  • Joe Kipp (6-2): Packers 27,Chiefs 23.
  • Brennen Rupp (3-1): Packers 30,Chiefs 27.
  • Can the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl?

    “It wouldn’t surprise me if the Kansas City Chiefs didn’t win another Super Bowl.”@keyshawn with some strong thoughts He’s no spring chicken, but Reid can probably coach as long as his family and health allow him. Plus, the rest of the NFL

    Did Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl?

    Early in the season, the Kansas City did next to nothing on offense. It was an impressive performance, continuing a hot streak. In Mahomes’ first season as starter, the Chiefs lost the AFC championship game in overtime. Then they won a Super Bowl

    Did Chiefs win last night?

    Well, the Patriots have won he did this week, winter may be coming again for the NFL. With the Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Chargers losing earlier in the day, the last place Chiefs all