What type of poem is Glasgow 5 March 1971?

What type of poem is Glasgow 5 March 1971?

Morgan uses the term “instamatic” to describe a type of poetry which is instantaneous and documentary in feel. Morgan has said that these poems were based on real events that he had either seen reported on television or read about in the newspapers.

What themes are in Glasgow 5th of March?

The themes of the poem are the essential presence of violence in everyday life and the idea of social responsibility – to what extent do we have a debt of care to our fellow human beings? There are contrasts throughout the poem.

Who wrote Glasgow 5th March 1971?

Edwin Morgan
Edwin Morgan1920 – 2010.

When was Glasgow sonnet written?

He first constructed the sequence of Glasgow sonnets from which this poem comes in 1972. He later published a collection of sonnets devoted to Scotland. The early seventies was a time of failing industry and rising unemployment in Britain and Morgan explores the human costs of these factors in this poem.

What is in the snack bar about?

Much of Morgan’s work was inspired by ordinary people and places and in this poem, Morgan uses his acute skills of observation to describe the plight of a blind, infirm elderly man to make a social comment about how we treat others less fortunate than ourselves.

What is the theme of in the snack bar?

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What does end-stopped lines mean?

A metrical line ending at a grammatical boundary or break—such as a dash or closing parenthesis—or with punctuation such as a colon, a semicolon, or a period. A line is considered end-stopped, too, if it contains a complete phrase.

What is the poem in the snack bar about?

The poem begins with a description of a cup tumbling over in a café and ends with the speaker’s reflections upon the blind man’s predicament. The speaker forces us to consider the reality and hardship of such an existence, as well as confronting our own attitudes towards the vulnerable in society.

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