What slugfest means?

What slugfest means?

Definition of slugfest : a fight marked by the exchange of heavy blows also : a heated dispute a vocal slugfest.

What is the meaning of Malwa in English?

/malabā/ mn. debris uncountable noun. Debris consists of pieces of things that have been destroyed, or rubbish that is lying around.

What is Nagari called in English?

Nagari in British English 1. a set of scripts, including Devanagari, used as the writing systems for several languages of India. 2. another word for Devanagari.

What is the meaning of Gaz in English?

slang word meaning ‘to vomit’

What is Majha and Malwa?

Ad. Punjab state is geographically divided into three major regions called Majha, Malwa and Doaba. This division of Punjab is basically due to the rivers Satluj, Beas and Ravi flowing through the land of Punjab.

Is Bhopal in Malwa?

Bhopal has an average elevation of 500 metres (1401 ft) and is located in the central part of India, just north of the upper limit of the Vindhya mountain ranges. Located on the Malwa plateau, it is higher than the north Indian plains and the land rises towards the Vindhya Range to the south.

What is the spelling of Nagari?

From Sanskrit nāgarī, use as noun (short for nāgarī lipi urban script) of the feminine of nāgara urban, adjective formation from nagara city.

What is Gozzing?

New Word Suggestion. A northern colloquial word meaning to stare intently. A northern colloquial word “She couldn’t help gozzing at the man with the funny hair”

Is Goz a word?

GOZ is not a valid scrabble word.

How do I watch a channel on Roku?

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Why is Majha famous?

The people of the Majha region have been historically known for their warrior-like nature. The Majha region is called the “Sword Arm of the Country”, due to it contributing disproportionately to the Officer as well as Orderly ranks of the Armies of both India and Pakistan.

What is the synonym for meager?

Some common synonyms of meager are scanty, scant, skimpy, spare, and sparse.

Is Voz a word?

When someone speaks or sings, you hear their voice.