What part of Philly is Girard?

What part of Philly is Girard?

South Philadelphia
Girard Estate, also known as Girard Estates, is part of South Philadelphia. Its boundaries stretch from South 22nd Street on the west to South 17th Street on the east.

Who is Girard ave named after?

Stephen Girard
Stephen Girard Avenue is located in the Gentilly area of New Orleans. Girard, Pennsylvania is located in Erie County, Pennsylvania, roughly 450 miles northwest of Philadelphia; named for him in 1832.

How do you spell Girard Avenue?

Girard Avenue is a major commercial and residential street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Is Girard Estates Philadelphia Safe?

Girard Estates deserves its day in the spotlight. The crime and safety in my area seems very under control. The city insures all the streets and sidewalks are safe and if they are not they are reconstructed. In my particular area there are many bars and i believe that is where most night time disputes break out.

What happened Girard Bank?

Girard merged with Mellon Bank in 1983, in a deal valued at $220 million, following a change in Pennsylvania law that allowed local banks to operate statewide (technically, allowing bank holding companies to own multiple banks). Following the acquisition, the bank was immediately renamed Mellon Bank (East).

Who was Girard in Philadelphia?

Stephen Girard (1750-1831) was a wealthy merchant, banker, and philanthropist who resided in Philadelphia in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Born in France in 1750, Girard spent much of his adolescence sailing between various Atlantic ports with his father, a sea captain.

Who was the richest person in 1812?

The largest investor in the First Bank was Stephen Girard, the richest man in the nation. When, after 20 years, Congress shut the bank down, Girard purchased it and its assets and promptly opened his own Girard Bank. He’d go on to increase his fortune and singlehandedly rescue the nation during the War of 1812.

What does Girard mean?

brave spear
The name Girard is derived from the Germanic personal name Gerhard, which means “brave spear”.

What is a Girard?

Definition of Girard reagent : any of several hydrazides that contain a quaternary ammonium radical and are useful especially in separating aldehydes or ketones (as some steroid hormones) from mixtures by forming soluble hydrazones: such as.

Is Girard Estates safe?