What is xAPI stand for?

What is xAPI stand for?

experience API
The xAPI (experience API), also known as Tin Can API, is an open source software specification that provides a set of rules for representing the events a learner performs while interacting with a piece of learning content.

What is the difference between SCORM and xAPI?

SCORM, the main difference is that xAPI allows the tracking of learning activity from multiple contexts online and offline, not just on the LMS. xAPI is fast becoming the new industry standard, challenging SCORM for dominance in the e-learning sphere.

Does docebo support xAPI?

Docebo supports the Tin Can Standard 1.0. In your platform, you can upload an xAPI package from your computer, or you can do so from an external link. Begin by logging into your platform as the Superadmin or as an Instructor.

How do I use xAPI?

  1. Learn the basics of xAPI.
  2. Set up an LRS to receive statements (10 minutes)
  3. Create your test website (15 minutes)
  4. Modify code to connect your “local” website to the LRS and send statement (15 minutes)
  5. Trigger the statement through a learning event.
  6. Run a report on the statement.
  7. BOOM!

What does xAPI track?

xAPI allows learning content to be distributed across multiple sources. xAPI can capture learning experiences from mobile applications, social learning, eBooks, and from games. xAPI does not require learning applications to launch from an LMS or to run in a browser, as SCORM does.

What are xAPI files?

The xAPI (formerly Tin Can API) API is an E-learning software specification. This type of software allows learning content and learning systems to speak to each other in a way that records all types of learning experiences, which are then recorded in a Learning Record Store (LRS).

Is xAPI better than SCORM?

The technical detail of the xAPI spec allows it to capture more and richer data, more reliably than SCORM. A powerful LMS like LearnUpon allows you to automate reports based on the incredibly detailed data xAPI tracks.

Do you need an LMS for xAPI?

Not many LMSs provide a mechanism for learners to record the 90% of their learning that is informal. With xAPI you can recognise and support that learning. A personal learning record could support the shift of focus in your L&D offering from formal to informal learning, helping you to move away from the formal LMS.

Is docebo scorm compliant?

The Docebo Learning Management System is 100% compliant with SCORM 1.2 and 2004 standards. This is how you can upload your SCORM content and courses in the Docebo E-Learning platform.

How do I enable xAPI?

Sign in to your TalentLMS account as Administrator and go to Home > Account & Settings. 2. On the Basic settings tab, in the Security (1) section, check Enable xAPI (if unchecked).

What can xAPI track?

xAPI can capture learning experiences from mobile applications, social learning, eBooks, and from games.

Why is xAPI important?

xAPI is the communication standard that supports collecting and tracking this. By adopting xAPI you are proving the value of your tool, your content, and providing a valuable service to your customers by sharing to help them show what they have done to other systems.

What is xAPI enabled?

A xAPI enabled LMS not only provides an organization with insight into what goes inside a Learning Management System, but it can also track employee activity and record valuable data regarding an employee’s effectiveness and the efficiency of improvement programs put in place.

How much does xAPI cost?

$300 per user license; 20% discount on orders of 5 or more licenses.

Does xAPI replace SCORM?

xAPI was created to be the next generation of SCORM but in reality, there are a lot of differences between areas covered by the two specifications. xAPI enables the tracking of any learning experiences whilst SCORM focused on packaged quiz-based e-learning courses.

What LMS supports xAPI?

They’re presented in alphabetical order for your ease of reading.

  • Blackboard for business.
  • Cornerstone.
  • Docebo.
  • eFront.
  • Litmos.
  • Moodle.

Who is using docebo?

Trusted by more than 1,600 companies worldwide, including Thomson Reuters, Starbucks, Uber and Denny’s, the Docebo Learning Platform brings together the enterprise LMS you need, the social learning experience your learners want, and the power of Artificial Intelligence to satisfy multiple use cases for both internal …

What is xAPI content?

Experience API (also xAPI or Tin Can API) is a learning technology interoperability specification that makes it easier for learning technology products to communicate and work with one another.

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How do I import a sample course into xAPI?

Run them on your local file system or on a web server and report statements to an LRS. Zip the sample courses into xAPI packages that can be imported into a xAPI enabled system. 1. Run them locally, reporting statements to an LRS

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