What is variable arguments in C?

What is variable arguments in C?

Variable length argument is a feature that allows a function to receive any number of arguments. There are situations where we want a function to handle variable number of arguments according to requirement.

What is va_list in C?

va_list is a complete object type suitable for holding the information needed by the macros va_start, va_copy, va_arg, and va_end. If a va_list instance is created, passed to another function, and used via va_arg in that function, then any subsequent use in the calling function should be preceded by a call to va_end.

What is variadic function in C?

Variadic functions are functions that can take a variable number of arguments. In C programming, a variadic function adds flexibility to the program. It takes one fixed argument and then any number of arguments can be passed.

What is variable argument number?

To call a function with a variable number of arguments, simply specify any number of arguments in the function call. An example is the printf function from the C run-time library. The function call must include one argument for each type name declared in the parameter list or the list of argument types.

Is printf variadic function?

Variadic functions are functions (e.g. printf) which take a variable number of arguments. The declaration of a variadic function uses an ellipsis as the last parameter, e.g. int printf(const char* format.);. See variadic arguments for additional detail on the syntax and automatic argument conversions.

Are arguments and parameters the same?

Note the difference between parameters and arguments: Function parameters are the names listed in the function’s definition. Function arguments are the real values passed to the function. Parameters are initialized to the values of the arguments supplied.

What do you mean by variable arguments explain it with example?

Varargs is a short name for variable arguments. In Java, an argument of a method can accept arbitrary number of values. This argument that can accept variable number of values is called varargs.

How does printf take variable number of arguments?

What is argument list in printf?

printf is a “variadic” function. This means that the argument list is declared with on the end, and in the implementation of printf the va_list , va_start , va_arg etc macros are used to extract the arguments from the variable length list.