What is there to do in French Lick Indiana in the winter?

What is there to do in French Lick Indiana in the winter?

French Lick Resort

  • Winter Railway Getaway. Take your very own private train car for a 90-minute excursion.
  • Trek Our Newest Trail.
  • Do Some Light-seeing.
  • See French Lick Springs Hotel Light Up Every Night.
  • Holiday Activities for the Whole Family.
  • Fire It Up.
  • Keep Your Golf Game Sharp.
  • Still Open Throughout the Winter.

How much is the Big Splash?

The Big Splash is open daily the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, except on days the South-Western City School District is in session. A season pass may be purchased by a resident of Grove City or unincorporated Jackson Township for $50. Non-residents may purchase a pass for $100.

Do you have to wear masks at French Lick Casino?

We’re also encouraging our guests to do their part. Guests are required to wear masks in all indoor resort venues, and outdoors when social distancing is not possible. Our visitors are also encouraged to use the sanitizing stations throughout the resort and adhere to social distancing recommendations.

Why is French Lick famous?

In November 2006, the French Lick Resort Casino, the state’s tenth casino in the modern legalized era, opened, drawing national attention to the small town. However, it is best known as the hometown of basketball legend Larry Bird.

Is Coastal PlayGrove free?

Water Play is back at Coastal PlayGrove (at former East Coast Big Splash site). This free playground offers water play, huge slides, a nature playgarden, and lots of climbing fun! Coastal PlayGrove is a free playground at the former Big Splash East Coast Park site.

Is Coastal PlayGrove open during Covid?

The new Coastal PlayGrove at East Coast Park, which offers diverse play areas and various dining options is now open!

What does Big Splash mean?

: to attract a lot of attention in an exciting way The young director is making (quite) a splash in Hollywood. The news of her arrest made a huge splash.

What do you wear to French Lick Resort?

5 answers. The dress code for the resort is “Resort Casual” diners in our fine dining restaurant should wear dress slacks and collared shirt and for ladies pats suit or nice slacks. Please avoid: jeans, tee shirts, shorts, running suits or similar.

What is there to do in French Lick in March?

Here’s a list of fun, family-friendly things to do when you visit French Lick, Indiana.

  • French Lick Scenic Railway.
  • Wild West Holdups.
  • Dinosaur Adventure Train.
  • and the very popular Polar Express!
  • Miniature golfing, laser tag, and laser maze.
  • Big Splash Water Park.
  • French Lick zipline.
  • Board games and treats.

What time does French Lick close?


Sunday 11:00am / 4:00pm
Wednesday 11:00am / 8:00pm
Thursday 11:00am / 8:00pm
Friday 5:00pm / 10:00pm
Saturday 5:00pm / 10:00pm

Why do they call it French Lick?

French Lick got its name from the early French settlers and the “mineral licks.” French traders came to the area and discovered the mineral springs bubbling from the ground in the vicinity of what is now French Lick.”

What is the meaning of French Lick?

French Lick was originally a French trading post built near a spring and salt lick It later became popular for its casinos and entertainment. Known as a spa town by the turn of the 19th century, people from all across the country would make their way to French Lick.

Are picnics allowed in Singapore 2022?

Answer: Social and recreational activities, such as picnicking, are allowed in our parks and gardens with no restrictions on group size.