What is the water tank in the attic for?

What is the water tank in the attic for?

Cold water storage tanks are generally situated in the loft. They can be used to supply the hot and cold water taps on the bath. They can also act as a Feed and Expansion tank (F+E) for the heating system.

Can you connect two tanks together?

Tanks can be linked together via the overflow of one being channelled into the other. As water fills up the first tank, it overflows into piping that leads into the inlet of your next tank. The opening of the overflow should be the same size as the inlet size.

What is the tank in the loft called?

Cold water tanks, also known as header tanks, are usually located in a loft and act as a gravity-fed tank to supply some heating and hot water systems. As well as feeding the system loft water tanks also accommodate any expansion of water within the system.

Why have a cold water tank in loft?

THE COLD water storage tank provides room for expansion of the hot water in the cylinder below it. More modern cylinders have an air cushion at the top which compresses to make room for the hot water as it expands. Presumably continental plumbers have been quicker to adopt this new system.

Should attic water tanks be covered?

The tank must be on a proper support structure and not resting directly on the ceiling joists. The tank must be insulated and fitted with a dust proof lid.

Is it normal to have a water heater in the attic?

Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s a good idea, though. Water heaters that are installed in attics or elsewhere upstairs increase the risk of leaks and water damage. Since most Texas homes lack a proper basement, it is standard practice to install water heaters in the attic – somewhere where it’s out of sight.

How do you plumb two tanks together?

The first method is connecting the tanks at the top. This involves using the overflow from one tank as the connection to another tank. The first tank in the succession fills and then its overflow fills the second tank and then third, etc. The last tank must have an overflow.

How do you plumb two water tanks together?

Water tanks can be linked in parallel by connecting them with piping at the bottom. This will result in all connected tanks filling with water to the same level. If your tanks are of different sizes, tank elevation should be adjusted so that the top of each tank (tank overflows) are at the same level.

Can I remove water tank from loft?

Water tanks tend to be heavy and bulky, so it can be tricky to remove them. This can be especially difficult if they’re up in the loft. And then there’s the expense of disposing or scrapping the old tank. This should be included in the price you pay, but always make sure to ask in advance.

What does a header tank do in the loft?

The Header Tank is the smaller of the two water tanks usually found in the loft, the larger one being the cold water storage tank. The header tank is used to fill the heating system and accommodate the expansion of water during the heating cycle.

Is water tank in loft drinking water?

Many older properties have cold water storage tanks in the roof space or loft. In most cases this storage tank will provide cold water to upstairs bathrooms but in some properties all of the cold water taps may be fed from this tank. The condition of this tank may have an impact on water quality.

Can I remove my cold water tank?

You can now remove the old cold water storage tank to make room for the new one. If the tank is in your loft space and won’t fit through the hatch, just move it to one side. You may need to have a professional contractor dismantle the tank for you at a later date.

Can I get rid of water tank in loft?

How long does attic water tank last?

So, the house where the attic water tank needs replacement is usually around 30 years or more. Two: Think about it, these older generation water tanks are made of a form of metal, galvanised iron in fact. And over time immersed in water it will disintegrate and the chemicals and materials will seep into your water.

Why do builders put water heaters in the attic?

By using the ambient heat in the attic to maintain the temperature of your hot water, you save on energy bills related to water heating.

Can you put your hot water tank in the loft?

G Brown New Member. In therory it is do-able. Weight and wall loadings is the major consideration. Also the roof must be strong enough to take the massive weight of a water tank – it must be floor supported, NOT hung off the roof beams.

How do you balance two water tanks?

Some very helpful pictures below show how the method works in practice.

  1. Align tank overflows. First, align the heights of your tank overflows.
  2. Link the lowest outlets. Link the lowest outlet of each tank with suitable flexible hose.
  3. Tap off the lowest tank.
  4. Multiple Water Tank Connection Examples.

How long do loft water tanks last?

A polymer plastic water tank should last over 10 years and up to about 20 years if you get a good quality model.