What is the richest suburbs in Illinois?

What is the richest suburbs in Illinois?

The richest suburbs of Chicago are Hinsdale, Glencoe, Lake Forest, Winnetka, and Oak Brook, Illinois.

Do any billionaires live in Illinois?

Billionaires are ranked by net worth as of May 31. Forbes lists 24 billionaires in Illinois.

How many millionaires are in Illinois?


Rank State Number of millionaire households
2 Texas 650,216
3 New York 570,456
4 Florida 496,971
5 Illinois 346,873

Is Naperville rich?

Naperville was ranked as the richest city in the region and the 19th wealthiest city in the nation in a ranking by finance site NerdWallet. The report looked at income, home value and credit availability in 475 American cities with at least 65,000 people.

What is the fanciest neighborhood in Chicago?

The richest neighborhoods in Chicago

  • The Loop ($91,033)
  • River North ($100,607)
  • Old Town ($104,060)
  • The Near North ($105,586)
  • Streeterville ($107,276)
  • Lincoln Park ($115,856)
  • New East Side/Lake Shore East ($122,145)
  • The Gold Coast ($153,358)

Where do most millionaires live?

New York and Los Angeles are home to the most millionaires in America because of their large populations and lucrative industries. No surprise there….

  1. San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, California.
  2. Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, Connecticut.
  3. San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, California.
  4. Washington, D.C. Area.

Is Bolingbrook a rich neighborhood?

The per capita income in Bolingbrook in 2018 was $35,900, which is upper middle income relative to Illinois and the nation. This equates to an annual income of $143,600 for a family of four. However, Bolingbrook contains both very wealthy and poor people as well. Bolingbrook is an extremely ethnically-diverse village.

Who lives in Hinsdale IL?

People Living in Hinsdale, IL – Population & Demographics Hinsdale demographics consist of 82% Caucasian, 11% Asian, 4% Hispanic or Latino, and 1% Black or African American.

Where is Beverly area in Chicago?

Geography. Beverly is community area #72. It is on Chicago’s far south side, 12 miles (19 km) from the Loop. Its northern border is 87th Street and its southern border is 107th Street.

Which Chicago neighborhoods are the richest and poorest?

We ranked every neighborhood in Chicago by median income from highest to lowest. The neighborhood with the highest median income, Forest Glen, was named the richest neighborhood in Chicago. The poorest neighborhood? That would be Riverdale. Now a look at how all the neighborhoods in Chicago ranked. For more Illinois reading, check out:

Why Lake Bluff is the richest neighborhood in Chicago?

Developed during the early 20th century, the neighborhood ranks as the richest neighborhood in what’s already a very rich city. With its parks, its short commute into Chicago, its excellent schools, its minuscule crime rate, and its endless opportunities for fun and recreation, Lake Bluff is understandably considered one of Illinois’ gems.

Is Beverly Chicago’s most affordable neighborhood?

In comparison to some of Chicago’s other richest neighborhoods, a home in Beverly is relatively affordable. Although there’s plenty of million-dollar residences to consider, there are enough options on the lower end of the scale to keep the median home value at a reasonable $289,660.

How much money do Chicago neighborhoods make?

Summing up the median income of those 10 neighborhoods adds up to $965,837. And that my friend, is more 0s than most of us will see in our bank account for a long, long time — if we ever get that lucky. Continue on to find where your neighborhood ranks amongst the richest in Chicago.