What is the BMW CPO warranty?

What is the BMW CPO warranty?

Every BMW Certified vehicle is backed by our BMW Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty. This provides comprehensive coverage for one year with unlimited miles, after the expiration of the 4 year/50,000-mile BMW New Vehicle/SAV Limited Warranty.

Does BMW CPO warranty cover maintenance?

Does a BMW CPO warranty include maintenance? A. No. BMW’s CPO warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or maintenance services, such as oil changes and tire alignment.

Is BMW CPO warranty worth it?

Sure, you’ll spend a bit of extra money on a CPO car than you will a normal used BMW but it’s almost certainly worth it. The extra money you’ll spend on the car is well worth the peace of mind, knowing that the vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and given an additional year warranty.

What is covered under my BMW warranty?

Unlike most manufacturers, BMW covers the powertrain (engine, transmission, drivetrain, seals, gasket, and related parts) in this same warranty instead of a separate powertrain warranty. Corrosion warranty—This warranty covers damage to the sheet metal due to rust or corrosion. It lasts for 12 years or unlimited miles.

What does BMW CPO mean?

BMW Certified Pre-Owned
BMW Certified Pre-Owned: Covers you for 1 year with unlimited vehicle miles, after the expiration of the 4-year/50,000 mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks (Valid only in the U.S.A. including Puerto Rico) for a total of 5 years/Unlimited vehicle miles.

Is oil change covered under BMW warranty?

BMW Maintenance Program: One of the most comprehensive maintenance programs in its class covering all factory-recommended maintenance, oil service and fluid service, as well as items that need replacement due to normal wear and tear – such as brake pads, brake rotors and wiper blade inserts.

Does BMW CPO transfer to new owner?

Does the BMW CPO Warranty transfer to a second owner? Yes! If you’re the owner of a BMW CPO vehicle, you can transfer it to a private buyer. You’ll just need to fill out the CPO Warranty transfer form.

Is BMW key fob covered under warranty?

The fact is, it is covered under warranty. I JUST got my keyfob replaced on Friday, under warranty. I did it through BMW Northwest, and they didn’t give me any trouble.

Are brakes covered under warranty BMW?

Additional specific items that need replacement due to normal wear and tear and that are not covered by the original New Vehicle Limited Warranty—such as brake pads, brake rotors, and wiper blade inserts—are included provided wear and tear exceeds BMW wear limits.

Is it good to buy pre-owned BMW?

Many experienced owners and mechanics will tell you to stay far away from used BMWs, especially ones from the last 20 years, or so. They are simply not worth the money you will no doubt have to pour into them. They break easily, the parts are expensive, and the labor costs are astronomical.

Does BMW warranty cover oil change?

Does BMW warranty cover brake pads?

BMW Maintenance Program covers all factory-recommended maintenance services, including brake pads, brake discs, and wiper blade inserts.