What is marriage certificate in BD?

What is marriage certificate in BD?

According to Bangladeshi civil law all marriages in Bangladesh require registration with the appropriate Marriage Registrar. For Muslim marriages the applicant should contact the Kazi office or the registrar who solemnized the marriage to obtain the marriage certificate and the Nikah Nama (Bengali and English version).

How can I get marriage certificate from Nadra?

Requirements to obtain NADRA marriage certificate:

  1. Copy of nikkah nama / manual marriage certificate.
  2. Copy of CNIC from bride.
  3. Copy of CNIC from bridegroom.
  4. Copy of father’s CNIC from bride & bridegroom.
  5. Copy of CNIC from nikkah khawan (molvi)
  6. Copies of passport in case anyone from bride or bridegroom is foreigner.

What is nikah Nama?

The nikah-nama is a binding contract and a fundamental element of an Islamic marriage. It describes the rights and obligations agreed upon by both parties (the bride and the groom) which confirms the consent of both the husband and the wife.

How do I get Kabin Nama?

Visit office of the Kazi (Nikah Registrar) who solemnized your marriage. Depositing govt. fees (not more than th. 500/-), you can obtain a freshly issued certified copy of the Kabinnama.

How do I check my nikah?

By sending a simple message to NADRA, they can get details if their husband is hiding his second marriage. To find out, women just need to text their husband’s CNIC number and its date of issuance to 8009. In response, you will receive details of your family members.

Is nikah nama same as marriage certificate?

It is a concrete legal proof of marriage (Nikah) record between two persons (husband and wife) in Pakistan. Basically, there are two types of marriage certificates in Pakistan e.g. Urdu Nikkah Nama and English Marriage Certificate.

How can I get nikah Nama in Bangladesh?

Where can I get nikah Nama form?

In case you have misplaced your NikkahNama, or you need to get a duplicate copy of nikkah nama (nikah kontrak), you can get it from the concerned Union Council Office.