What is handover LTE?

What is handover LTE?

Abstract: Handover in LTE occurs when a device moves from the cell coverage serving it towards another; a process where the user established session must not be interrupted due to this cell change.

What is TTT in LTE?

The LTE standard supports several parameters to trigger the handover and select the target cells, such as hysteresis margin and Time-to-Trigger (TTT). When applying Time-to-Trigger, the handover is initiated only if the triggering requirement is fulfilled for a time interval.

Does LTE support soft handover?

Orthogonality in LTE Cell-edge reception (which was at the core of Soft HO design in WCDMA) issue is not quite applicable in LTE networks because of orthogonality in both uplink and downlink. Therefore soft handover can be dropped from the LTE system.

How can I reduce my ping pong handover?

To reduce the ping-pong effect, in this paper, the FPEHS is proposed by using the fuzzy logic based decision policy on the LTE communication environment. In average, about 68.79 % of unnecessary handover and 92.94 % of ping-pong effects are reduced.

What is time to trigger?

Time-to-trigger (TTT) A TTT is the time during which the specific criteria for an event needs to be met in order to trigger a measurement report. The values are 0, 40, 64, 80, 100, 128, 160, 256, 320, 480, 512, 640, 1024, 1280, 2560, and 5120 ms.

In which step of the handover the current serving cell starts forwarding data from the buffer?

Answer. Answer: The source MME begins the execution phase of the handover by notifying the source eNB which subsequently notifies the UE. Data forwarding of downlink data begins.

What type of handover is supported by LTE?

hard handover
2. What type of handovers is supported by LTE? Explanation: LTE supports only hard handover. It does not receive data from two frequencies at the same time because switching between different carrier frequencies is very fast so soft handover is not required.

What is ping-pong effect in wireless communication?

The ping-pong handover means handover to and fro between a cell pair frequently. The ping-pong effect occurs due to the frequent movement of mobile units between the cell pair, or high signal fluctuation at the common boundary of the cell pair.

What is ping-pong LTE?

Handover (HO) technique in LTE networks suffers from Ping-pong movement. Ping-pong HO can reduce the quality of the mobile user’s connection and increases the numbers of handovers which in turn raises the network load and generally degrades the network performance.

What are the 4 types of handovers available in GSM?

GSM Handover from Network Side Intra-BSC handover: This handover type is serviced between cells served by same BSC. Inter-BSC handover: This handover type is serviced between cells served by different BSCs. Inter-MSC handover: This handover type is serviced between cells served by different MSCs.

What are four types of handover available in GSM?

A handover can be intra cell, Inter cell, Inter BSC or intra MSC depending on the location of old and new cell.

What is offset and hysteresis in LTE?

Offset: this parameter is for serving cell should be better than neighbour cells before going to send measurement report, ensure that serving cell power should be good than neighbours. Hysteresis: this is for Neighboring cell should be better than serving.

What is gap offset in LTE?

gapOffset is the gap offset of the gap pattern. Not all 160 offset values applicable for all periodicities. As the offset values points to the starting subframe within the period, its value range is from 0 to mgrp-1. For example, if the periodicity is 40 ms, the offset ranges from 0 to 39.

What is ping pong effect in handover?