What is an example of a shrine?

What is an example of a shrine?

The definition of a shrine is a holy or sacred place, or a small area or monument dedicated to someone, or a place known as the site of a religious occurrence or a historical event. An example of a shrine is a monument to Mary, mother of Jesus.

What are shrines?

1 : a case or box for sacred relics (as the bones of saints) 2 : a place where people go to worship because of its connection to a holy person or event. 3 : a place that is considered sacred or regarded with great respect The Lincoln Memorial is a shrine to all lovers of freedom.

What type of word is shrine?

A place that is holy.

What is meant by Umeed in English?

The Urdu Word امید Meaning in English is Hope. The other similar words are Aas, Umeed and Sahara.

Is a shrine a temple?

In the simplest terms, temples are Buddhist, while shrines are Shinto. Temples have a large incense burner and many Buddhist statues, and may or may not have a graveyard attached to them, while shrines have a large, often vermilion red, torii, or sacred gate, standing in front of them.

What are shrines used for?

As distinguished from a temple, a shrine usually houses a particular relic or cult image, which is the object of worship or veneration. A shrine may also be constructed to set apart a site which is thought to be particularly holy, as opposed to being placed for the convenience of worshipers.

What is a shrine used for?

A shrine (Latin: scrinium “case or chest for books or papers”; Old French: escrin “box or case”) is a sacred or holy space dedicated to a specific deity, ancestor, hero, martyr, saint, daemon, or similar figure of respect, wherein they are venerated or worshipped.

What is the synonym of Umeed?

There are also several similar words to Umeed in our dictionary, which are Apprehension, Assumption, Assurance, Calculation, Chance, Confidence, Conjecture, Design, Expectancy, Fear, Forecast, Hope, Intention, Likelihood, Motive, Notion, Outlook, Possibility, Prediction, Reliance, Supposition, Surmise, Suspense, Trust.

What is the opposite Hope?

Opposite of a feeling of optimism. pessimism. hopelessness. despair. discouragement.

Is shrine a temple?

What is the opposite of dream?

What is the opposite of dream?

aimlessness avoidance
dislike hate
hatred neglect
purposelessness thoughtlessness

What is lovely called in Sanskrit?

रूप्य · ललाम · शोभित · सुन्दर

What is the opposite of breakfast?

What is the opposite of breakfast?

abstain decline
give up forswear
abstain from abstain from food
starve oneself dispense with
refrain from food swear off