What is 46 CFR 151 Subchapter O dictate?

What is 46 CFR 151 Subchapter O dictate?


What is a tankerman pic?

The Tankerman PIC is a rating for a mariner who has been trained in: Firstly; the health and safety hazards of dangerous liquid (DL) cargoes. Secondly; safety, pollution prevention, and DL cargo transfer operations. And thirdly; tank vessel design, stability, and containment systems.

What is a tankerman assistant?

A tankerman is a mariner credential issued by the Coast Guard to qualified members of the deck department who are trained to assist or supervise the transfer of liquid cargo. Tankerman is an unlicensed national rating that operates under officer supervision.

How do you become a barge Tankerman?

To become a barge tankerman, you must obtain tankerman certification from the Merchant Marine Credentials. The requirements to receive certification include submitting a medical certificate, an Approved Cargo Course Certificate, sea service letters, completing a firefighting course, and paying mariner’s fees.

What is a Coast Guard endorsement?

Officer endorsements are determined by the tonnage of the vessels you have sea service on as well as the waters that you sailed on (Great Lakes, Inland, Near Coastal or Oceans). Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (Six-Pack) This endorsement qualifies you to operate uninspected vessels with up to six paying.

How do I get a photo endorsement?

To obtain a tankerman-PIC endorsement, you need 90 days of service on tanker or 60 days on a barge or ship. You also need to complete Coast Guard firefighting and cargo courses and learn the skills for liquid cargo transfers under the supervision of another tankerman-PIC.

What is PIC time?

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What is a shoreside Tankerman?

The Tankerman serves as the person-in-charge of critical operations, with the responsibility of protecting the environment by ensuring the safe transfer of petrochemicals to barges. This position requires a U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariners Credential (MMC).

What is the job of a deckhand?

Deckhands operate and maintain equipment on the deck of a vessel and assist with docking and other operations. The deckhands together make up the deck crew and are responsible for maintaining the ship — other than the engine and other systems that are the responsibility of onboard engineers.

Can I sail with expired COC?

If the seafarer whose COP’s/COC are expiring after 31 December 2020 and NOT in full compliance with revalidation requirements, intends to join a ship on or after 01 November 2020, the seafarer has to apply for revalidation of the certificates to Capt. G.

Can we sail with expired COC?

Subject : Revalidation of Certificate of Competency The Certificates of Competency issued are valid for a period of five years. Certificate of Competency are required to be revalidated after every five years after the candidates meet the requirements laid down in the META Manual and other notification.

How long is USCG medical good for?

The National Expiration Date governs the validity of your document. This date should be five years from the date the Coast Guard approved your last physical examination, unless a medical waiver is issued for a shorter period of time.

How much does PIC time cost?

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What is PIC time aviation?

A special note to “time builders”: Although the FAA provides several means to log PIC time, PIC time represents flying or instructional experience and sound decision making ability.

What is freeboard on a tanker?

Why Tankers have Less Freeboard? Freeboard is the vertical distance from the waterline to the uppermost continuous deck which is also known as freeboard deck . Must Read: What is Free Surface Effect How to Reduce it?

What cargo classifications are covered by a tankerman endorsement?

( a) Each tankerman endorsement described in § 13.107 will expressly limit the holder’s service under it to transfers involving one or both of the following cargo classifications: ( 1) Dangerous liquid (DL). ( 2) Liquefied gas (LG).

What are the requirements for a Tankerman-PIC dangerous liquid endorsement?

( 1) Qualify for a national endorsement as tankerman-PIC dangerous liquid; ( 2) Meet the standards of competence identified in Table A-V/1-1-3 of the STCW Code (incorporated by reference, see § 13.103 of this part ); and ( 3) Provide evidence of 90 days of sea service onboard chemical tankers.

What are the qualifications of a tankerman?

A tankerman must be capable of heavy physical labor, be familiar with government regulations regarding the vessel he is working on and be able to work prolonged hours and days, because shifts aboard the vessel can run from several days to several months.