What does Spiffer mean?

What does Spiffer mean?

: fine looking : smart a spiffy sports jacket.

What does spiffy mean in slang?

stylish and attractive
Something that is spiffy is stylish and attractive and often new. Someone who looks spiffy is smartly and attractively dressed. [US]

What voguish means?

fashionable, smart
Definition of voguish 1 : fashionable, smart. 2 : suddenly or temporarily popular a voguish term.

Is Spiffily a word?

Spiffily definition (colloquial) In a spiffy manner; done with style. He is always dressed spiffily.

Is Spliffy a word?

noun. a large marijuana cigarette. Do you want to roll a spliffy? See more words with the same meaning: marijuana.

What is a dapper man?

adjective. A man who is dapper has a very neat and clean appearance, and always looks smart.

What is voguish style?

adjective. being in vogue; fashionable; chic. briefly popular or fashionable; faddish.

Why is it called spiff?

Spiff stands for “Sales Performance Incentive Fund” (spelled with an extra “f” for some reason in some cases). It’s a short-term, incentive-based initiative meant to motivate sales representatives.

Is spiffed a Scrabble word?

Yes, spiffed is in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you spell Spify?

Definition of spiffy adjective, spiff·i·er, spiff·i·est. Informal. spruce; smart; fine.

When did the word spiffy originate?

Spiffy means stylish, smartly dressed, attractive, dapper or new. The word spiffy originated during the middle of the nineteenth century in America, related words are spiffier, spiffiest, spiffily, spiffiness. The word spiffy may be derived from the obsolete slang word spiflicate, which means to completely overwhelm.

What’s a spliff in slang?

plural spliffs. Britannica Dictionary definition of SPLIFF. [count] British slang. : a marijuana cigarette : joint.

Can you call a girl dapper?

However, more recently there has been a trend toward using the word dapper to describe women who are sharply dressed, wearing a suit, or button-up and bow tie.

What is the root of ultramodern?

Origin of ultramodern First recorded in 1835–45; ultra- + modern.

How do you use voguish?

Voguish in a Sentence 1. Although they weren’t comfortable or practical for everyday wear, the voguish Louboutin heels were undoubtedly in style. 2. The model donned a voguish metallic-colored dress as she strutted down the runway during Vanity Fair week.