What classification is associated with the ankle Weber?

What classification is associated with the ankle Weber?

The Weber ankle fracture classification (or Danis-Weber classification) is a simple system for classification of lateral malleolar fractures, relating to the level of the fracture in relation to the ankle joint, specifically the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis. It has a role in determining treatment.

What is a ser 4 ankle fracture?

The sequence of injury in a SER fracture is anterior tibiofibular ligament disruption (SER-I), oblique fibula fracture (SER-II), rupture of posterior tibiofibular ligament or posterior malleolus fracture (SER-III) followed by deltoid ligament rupture or medial malleolus fracture (SER-IV).

What is a Weber B fracture right ankle?

You have sustained a fracture to your fibula (outside ankle bone). If the Orthopaedic Consultant considers this unstable, an operation with plate and screws may be required. Sometimes a Plaster is used.

Who described ankle fractures?

The first ankle fracture classification, credited to Percival Pott, described three types of ankle fractures based on the number of malleoli involved: unimalleolar, bimalleolar, and trimalleolar [21].

What is a Weber a fracture distal fibula?

A Weber A is a simple fracture to the bottom part of the fibula (bone on the outer part of your leg). Fortunately, your fracture is minor and does not require an operation or plaster cast to treat it successfully. You will be given a special ankle support, which can be worn over your socks.

What is the syndesmosis of the ankle?

What is the syndesmosis ligament? The syndesmosis is a fibrous joint held together by ligaments. It’s located near the ankle joint, between the tibia, or shinbone, and the distal fibula, or outside leg bone. That’s why it’s also called the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis.

What is the most common ankle fracture?

The most common fracture is to the bony bump on the outside of the ankle, the lateral malleolus. The lateral malleolus is the bottom of the fibula, the smaller lower leg bone. The bump on the inside of your ankle, the medial malleolus, is less commonly fractured.

What is Weber fracture?

What is a Weber C ankle fracture?

Weber C: This fracture is above the ankle joint and there may be an additional fracture on the inside of your ankle. This fracture is not stable and will need surgery. Weber Fractures. Management of your fracture.

What is Weber a fracture?

What type of joint is the syndesmosis?

fibrous joint
A syndesmosis is defined as a fibrous joint in which two adjacent bones are linked by a strong membrane or ligaments.

Do Most ankle fractures require surgery?

Not all broken ankles require surgery, but all broken ankles require some level of care to heal. You probably won’t need surgery if you have a stress fracture. You might need a brace or cast to support your ankle while it heals. More serious ankle fractures require reduction or surgery.

What is a Weber a distal fibula fracture?