What are the 5 main marine ecosystems?

What are the 5 main marine ecosystems?

Although there is some disagreement, several types of marine ecosystems are largely agreed on: estuaries, salt marshes, mangrove forests, coral reefs, the open ocean, and the deep-sea ocean.

What marine life is in South Africa?

The West Coast is home to Atlantic ocean dwellers such as the African penguin and the cape fur seal. On the warmer East Coast, you’ll find dolphins and the Southern Right Whales thriving in the Indian Ocean.

What types of ecosystems are in South Africa?

South Africa has nine distinct biomes: fynbos; Grassland; Savanna; Albany Thicket; forest; Succulent Karoo; Nama-Karoo; Desert; Indian Ocean Coastal Belt. each biome is made up of many different vegetation types.

How many marine ecosystems are there?

Globally, the world’s oceans have been divided into 66 large marine ecosystems (LMEs). These are defined as near coastal areas where primary productivity is generally higher than in open ocean areas.

Why is the South African marine life so diverse?

This marine species richness is largely attributable to the diversity of habitat and the fact that South Africa is located at the confluence of three great oceans: the Indian, Atlantic and Southern Oceans.

Why oceans are important in South Africa?

Oceans are also the primary producer of moisture in the atmosphere which in turn produces, plays a critical role in shaping the socio-economic activities in South Africa and the Western Cape agriculture sector in particular.

What ecosystem is Cape Town South Africa?

Cape Town is an urban hotspot within the Cape Floristic Region global biodiversity hotspot. This city of 2,460 km² encompasses four local centers of fynbos plant endemism, 19 national terrestrial vegetation types (six endemic to the city), wetland and coastal ecosystems, and 190 endemic plant species.

Where are marine ecosystems located?

Marine biome is found in 5 main oceans: the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian, the Arctic and the Southern ocean.

What is an example of marine ecosystem?

An example of a marine ecosystem is a coral reef, with its associated marine life — including fish and sea turtles — and the rocks and sand found in the area. The ocean covers 71 percent of the planet, so marine ecosystems make up most of the Earth.

Which is the largest marine ecosystem?

The large marine ecosystems around the South China Sea and the adjacent Gulf of Thailand include global centers of shallow marine biological diversity that support one of the world’s largest fisheries.

Why should we protect the marine ecosystem?

The marine environment is a vital resource for life on Earth. Marine eco- systems perform a number of key environmental functions — they regulate the climate, prevent erosion, accumulate and distribute solar energy, absorb carbon dioxide, and maintain biological control.

How many oceans are in South Africa?

three oceans
Geography, Topography, and Geological Description. South Africa lies at the interface of three oceans, the Southern Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean (Fig. 5.1).

What is ocean economy in South Africa?

Under Operation Phakisa – Oceans Economy, a priority programme, the South African Government, aims to grow the Ocean Economy’s contribution to the country’s GDP to R129-177 billion by 2033; some 250% to 350% of its present value. This is expected to provide up to a million new jobs.

What are Africa’s 5 ecosystems?

Africa has five main kinds of ecosystems: coastal environments, deserts and semideserts, mountain environments, savanna grasslands, and forests. Each ecosystem has its typical environment and climate, and the people who live there have adapted to its conditions and learned to use its resources.

What biome is found in the Western Cape?

The fynbos biome is the largest biome occurring in the Western Cape, extending along the coastal plain across the Cape Fold Mountains. The Cape Floristic Region includes all vegetation units of the fynbos biome and mostly falls within the winter rainfall region.

How many marine ecosystems are there in South Africa?

South Africa has a wide range of marine diversity with coastline in three oceans, two major current systems, major ocean frontal systems and benthic topography extending to a maximum depth of 5 700 m. There are 179 defined marine ecosystem types, 150 of them around South Africa and 29 around the sub-Antarctic territory of the Prince Edward Islands.

How will climate change affect South Africa’s marine ecosystems?

Climate change: potential impacts on marine ecosystems of South Africa and in the Southern Ocean Coastline stretches more than 3 000 km from the west by Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean (east), and the Southern Ocean (south) contributing to the differing climates experienced in these regions. This makes South Africa’s environmental conditions to

What are the natural resources of South Africa?

South Africa boasts exceptionally rich marine life. The country has a huge diversity of marine ecosystems and a variety of species, which represents an enormously valuable South African resource. The West Coast is home to Atlantic ocean dwellers such as the African penguin and the cape fur seal.

Where can I See marine life in South Africa?

On the warmer East Coast, you’ll find dolphins and the Southern Right Whales thriving in the Indian Ocean. SouthAfrica.co.za provides voluminous information on all South African marine life and species, available in the country’s 11 official languages.