What are some titles that operations managers hold?

What are some titles that operations managers hold?

These are some of the typical job titles in Operations Management

  • Operations Manager.
  • Supply Chain Manager.
  • Operations Analyst.
  • Operations Officer.
  • Supply Chain Coordinator.
  • Inventory Manager.
  • Supply Services Representative.
  • Inventory Controller.

What roles are similar to operations manager?

Here are some common operations job titles you can explore to learn if their duties and responsibilities align with your career interests:

  • Operations coordinator.
  • Operations analyst.
  • Operations supervisor.
  • Operations manager.
  • Project manager.
  • Program manager.
  • Operations engineer.
  • Director of operations.

What are job titles in operations?

These ten operations job titles do that at different levels of a company.

  • Operations Manager.
  • Operations Assistant.
  • Operations Coordinator.
  • Operations Analyst.
  • Operations Director.
  • Vice President of Operations.
  • Operations Professional.
  • Scrum Master.

What is another name for operational management?

Operations Management. Human Resource Planning (HRP)

What is the next step up from operations manager?

Career-wise, the Operations Manager’s most obvious next step is into director-level positions. Longer term, managing director level positions may also be a sensible target.

What are innovative job titles?

List of creative job titles with explanations

  • Wizard of Want: Marketing Director.
  • Penultimate Master: Deputy Director.
  • Number Ninja: Accountant.
  • Mediamaster: Social Media Manager.
  • Chief Beverage Officer: Bartender.
  • Herder of Canines: Dog Walker.
  • Chief of Chatting: Call Center Manager.

What is another title for a manager?

Additional job titles for this position include: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

What is higher than an operations manager?

A general manager is expected to improve efficiency and increase profits while managing the overall operations of a company or division. General manager duties include managing staff, overseeing the budget, employing marketing strategies, and many other facets of the business.

What’s above director of operations?

A VP of operations, or vice president of operations, is a top-level company official who oversees all of their organization’s operations.

What’s a better title than office manager?

Popular alternatives include community manager, office administrator, and executive assistant. Each of these titles highlights different aspects of the office manager role, which can help them draw focus on the aspects of the job that they most value.

What is higher than Operation manager?