What are just sold postcards?

What are just sold postcards?

Most postcards start with this headline: “RECENTLY SOLD” or “JUST SOLD.” This big, bolded text will capture reader’s attention first. But this copy doesn’t “talk” to the person who is receiving the postcard. It doesn’t address them or evoke any emotions. It’s just stating a fact.

Do postcards still work in real estate?

While postcards are effective within any real estate marketing tactic, agents focusing on a real estate farm will have the best ratio of effort to results. If you’re focusing on a certain geographic area, you won’t even need a mailing list for your postcards; you’ll simply need your defined real estate farm boundaries!

What should a real estate postcard say?

It’s important to have a visual that is easy to read and digest. For example, you’ll want to include 6-10 houses and list details about the number of bedrooms, square footage, and price they sold for. If you want to generate interest, include a phrase like “Recent sales could have changed your home value.

How much are mailers for real estate?

6 Best Real Estate Direct Mail Services

Pricing Starts at*: Delivery Options
Visit UPrinting
12 cents per postcard 33 cents per flyer 39 cents per brochure Overnight First class Standard EDDM
Visit PsPrint
27 cents per postcard $1.28 per flyer 8.8 cents per brochure Overnight First class Standard EDDM

Can a buyers agent send out just sold postcards?

“Just Sold” postcards belong to the category of direct mail marketing. As a real estate agent, you can send them out to potential buyers and to sellers right after you sold a property in a particular neighborhood. Doing this also has some psychological effects on both potential client groups.

Do Just Listed postcards work?

Some agents question if they’re still worth the trouble of sending, and the answer is a resounding yes! Just Listed postcards are an effective and economical way to help you reach your business goals and their ROI is proven.

How do you send a postcard to a realtor?

Below are 4 smart ways to mail real estate postcards.

  1. Targeted Mailing. Do you have a specific demographic you are trying to reach?
  2. Pulse Mailing.
  3. Automated Drip Mailings.
  4. Every Door Direct Mail.
  5. Tailor Your Marketing Strategy To Your Audience.

Do postcards sell?

Postcards are sold regularly in vintage markets and online; the market is “soft” which means that there are usually more sellers than buyers. Although high prices are rare, a postcard collection can be sold to willing collectors by learning about the market.

Where can I print real estate postcards?

expresscopy.com has been the leader in real estate marketing and direct mail postcard printing for over 10 years by making it fast, easy and affordable to manage a direct mail postcard campaign.

What do real estates post on social media?

80 Social Media Post Ideas For Real Estate

  • Create A Poll Or A Quiz.
  • Share A Personal Real Estate Milestones.
  • Share A Client’s Life Milestones.
  • Share A Video You Created.
  • Organize Regular Giveaways.
  • Retweet local news.
  • Ask questions.
  • Share a virtual home showing/open house video recap.

Are old postcards worth money?

The value of a vintage postcard is determined by several factors, including its age, rarity, and condition. Generally speaking, older and rare postcards tend to be more valuable than newer ones. And cards in better condition will fetch a higher price than those damaged or faded.

How do you send postcards to real estate?

How do Realtors get mailing lists?

Order in 5 easy steps:

  1. Choose your property types: Commercial.
  2. Narrow in on your target region: Add an address and create a radius from that address.
  3. Give your list a name.
  4. Give your list a name.
  5. Select the number of addresses you want to order.
  6. Select the number of addresses you want to order.
  7. Confirm your order.

What is postcard size?

4” x 6”
What is the standard Postcard size? The standard Postcard size is 4” x 6”. It’s the most cost-effective size, as it allows you to qualify for mailing at the First-Class Mail price. Perfect for budget-friendly campaigns.

What is click to mail?

Click2Mail.com is an online, on-demand, SaaS print-to-mail service for sending postal mail. Use our system to create letter mail, postcards, self-mailers and more for commercial-grade, secure next-day production and posting.

What should new real estate agents post on Instagram?

50 Real Estate Instagram Post Ideas

  • Community Features. Familiarizing yourself with the neighborhoods you serve is key to assisting your clients and helping them find their dream home.
  • Restaurants.
  • Cafes.
  • Shops.
  • Parks and Green Spaces.
  • Nature and Hikes.
  • Walkability.
  • Activities.

Should you put a just sold postcard on your listing?

The real estate market can be competitive, and any real estate agent needs to market themselves as much as they do their house listings. One sure way to build your credibility as an agent is to put up a just sold postcard.

What is the best postcard for a realtor?

The Fence-sitting Buyer postcard is perfect for any buyer prospect who is getting slower at returning calls and texts, who decided not to stop by the open house last weekend, or who is considering “just renting for another year.” 10. Personal Sphere Real Estate Postcards As an active Realtor, your sphere knows that they’re going to hear from you.

How many postcards did a Keller Williams realtor get?

A Keller Williams realtor in North Carolina wanted to become the go-to agent in a specific gorgeous community, so we designed a real estate marketing campaign and mailed 2,500 just listed postcards for her. Very simple — just a straight-up focus on the realtor and the brick home she had just listed!

Do real estate postcards still work?

There are several approaches to real estate marketing, and you’ve probably considered most of them. One classic strategy you should still employ is mailing real estate postcards. Despite the numerous technological advancements in communication over the years, some methods stick around for a reason: They work. Why do real estate postcards work?