What are broken lines?

What are broken lines?

Definition of broken line 1 : a line composed of a series of dashes often : a guide line painted in dashes on a highway to indicate a stretch on which a driver may lawfully cross the midline of the way (as in passing another vehicle)

What is a broken line graph?

A broken line graph is a diagram that has a horizontal axis divided into units of time and a vertical axis that displays the values of the qualitative characteristic studied, and in which the data recorded are represented by points that are then connected to one another by segments to form a broken line that …

What is the pattern of lines?

A pattern is a repeated or regular way of doing something, so a line pattern is where lines have been drawn or placed in a repeated, regular way to create a visual effect. “Regular,” though, doesn’t alway mean predictable or uniform. Although parallel lines are one type of line pattern, they’re not the only type.

What do you call a dotted line?

“Dashed line” means a line made up of short strokes with breaks in between.

What is the example of broken line?

Examples of information represented in broken line graphs include: the growth pattern of a person, the Earth’s climate changes over time, the temperature change of vinegar when baking soda is added and the pollution of a water system over time.

What do broken lines represent in art?

Broken lines indicate that a break has been made in the drawing of an object which is too large to be drawn on the paper and had to be cut in order to fit on it. It is common practice when you are drawing a full size set-out to use broken lines rather than draw the full view.

What is dotted line in art?

Dot. A dot can be considered the beginning of the elements. A dot marks the beginning and the end of a line. Artists have also used the dot in their painting techniques, such as Pointillism, a painting method developed by the French artist Seurat.

What issue does a dotted line represent?

The dashed line often represents something that is in a temporary or transitional state. In this context, it is used as a placeholder, indicating there is more to come.