Is the Simpson venom the same as Ghost Bandit?

Is the Simpson venom the same as Ghost Bandit?

The Simpson Venom is the same helmet as the Ghost Bandit, only Simpson doesn’t have the rights to the Bandit name in Europe, so it’s called the Venom in the UK and Europe. Which also means that while the US Ghost Bandit is both ECE and DOT certified (so it’s legal in Europe as well as the US), the Venom is only ECE.

How much does a Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet weigh?

3.46 lbs.
Weight: 3.46 lbs.

Is the Simpson Bandit DOT approved?

Simpson helmets are certified to Snell SA2020, SFI, FIA 8859 and 8860, CMR, DOT and ECE standards. Auto racing helmets are rated as either M, SA or K. The most current Snell rating is SA2020.

Who makes Bandit helmets?

Designed 100% with motorcycle riders in mind, the Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet blends the classic tough-guy Bandit styling combined with features riders have come to expect from a proper lid.

Are Bandit helmets legal in the UK?

Simpson Bandit lids are finally available as road legal kit in the UK. The helmets are approved to the ECE22-05 European standard, meaning they are now legal across the continent.

Are Bandit helmets good?

Great features are that wide visor and it’s a really comfortable helmet too. Less great are the basic nature of the visor plus it’s noisy and the vents could do with improvement. But the bottom line is it’s an awesome helmet if you want to look cool, ride safe and scare every kid in the neighborhood while out cruising.

How long is a Simpson helmet good for?

every 5 years
Snell recommends you replace your helmet every 5 years. Your helmet should be inspected by a professional following any impact. Remember, you only have one head and racing is a dangerous sport. If you are in doubt regarding your helmet’s performance and integrity, get a new one.

Where are Simpson helmets made?

Simpson today Simpson firesuits and crew uniforms are manufactured outside of Los Angeles, CA in their 52,000 sq. foot facility. Simpson also has a factory in Pedrengo (Italy) where helmets are manufactured.