Is Sinnis a Chinese brand?

Is Sinnis a Chinese brand?

Sinnis is one of the UK’s longer-running Chinese-built brands, and has been operating from Brighton since 2006. It produces a range of 50cc and 125cc bikes and scooters with solid design and good dealer/spares backup.

What country makes Sinnis?

Where are Sinnis Motorcycles and Scooters Manufactured? Sinnis are based in the UK (Brighton) with a large dealer network of over 120 dealers, including Malta, Portugal and Slovakia etc. We have excellent links with a small number of factories producing bikes for us in the far-east.

Are Sinnis bikes any good?

This is a massively comfortable bike to ride around, so it’s almost the perfect commuter. Arguably a bike for all weather, with neutral riding position, comfy 800mm seat, economic enough at 80-100MPG… There’s even a very useful USB port on the dash for a sat nav or phone!

Are Sinnis bikes made in China?

In the case of Sinnis, their headquarters are in Brighton, but manufacturing is carried out at partner factories in China. Like always – don’t let this put you off. The days of sketchy, untraceable, hard-to-source-parts-for Chinese bikes are over.

Are Sinnis Apache reliable?

The Sinnis motor is easy to get the most out of, usually reliable (if properly looked after) and has a good spread of power throughout the rev range.

What engine is in a sinnis?

2019 Sinnis RSX125 spec

New price £2199
Engine layout Single cylinder
Engine details Two valve OHC four stroke
Power 11.2bhp (8.3kW)
Torque Not quoted

How fast is a sinnis terrain?

2021 Sinnis Terrain 125 spec

New price £2899 (+otr)
Torque 7.7lb-ft (10.5Nm) @ 7500rpm
Top speed 65mph (est)
Transmission 6-speed, chain final drive
Average fuel consumption 86mpg tested

How good are Lexmoto bikes?

MPG, running costs and reliability – 4.1/5 Lexmoto bikes, like any from cheaper-end (or mainstream) brand, can have their issues, but they’re certainly not known for being especially unreliable or troublesome; and, they’re backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What engine is in a Sinnis?

Is sinnis Apache Chinese?

2020 Sinnis Apache 125SM verdict If you’re in the market for an off-road style 125cc bike or a Supermoto, then you’ll be looking at a bike from China.

What engines do sinnis use?

2019 Sinnis RSX125 Engine, gearbox and exhaust Air-cooled, single cylinder, two-valve engine, like many Chinese motors can trace its heritage to a previous generation Japanese unit. This one is based on the engine that powered Suzuki’s GS125 and DR125 models in the 1980s and 90s.

How fast does a sinnis 125 go?

2020 Sinnis Apache 125SM spec

New price £2399
Top speed 60mph
Transmission 5-speed, chain final drive
Average fuel consumption 100mpg tested
Tank size 10.6 litres

Is Lexmoto a reliable brand?

Are Sinnis Apaches good?

2020 Sinnis Apache 125SM Styling It’s a seriously good-looking bike with some lovely attention to detail. The chunky, grippy footpegs are a nice touch as is the huge alloy swing-arm that’s bigger than you’d have found on a 100bhp, 750cc superbike in the 1980s. Likewise the sturdy upside-down front forks.

What engines do Sinnis use?