Is Nicodemo Scarfo still alive?

Is Nicodemo Scarfo still alive?

January 13, 2017Nicodemo Scarfo / Date of death

Where is Phil Leonetti now?

Leonetti, 59, defected from the mob in 1989 and became a star witness for the government. He now lives with his wife – the one-time girlfriend of a man he killed – near the Pacific Ocean under a fake identity. He avoids Facebook and Twitter, but is involved in a successful business and is well-known in his community.

Is Phil Leonetti in witness protection?

Initially, Leonetti entered the Witness Protection Program, but he has since left the program and is living with his family in an undisclosed location.

How Old Is Phil Leonetti?

69 years (March 27, 1953)Phil Leonetti / Age

Who is Joe Pesci supposed to be in Goodfellas?

According to Henry Hill, whose life was the basis for the book and film, Joe Pesci’s portrayal of Tommy DeSimone was 90-99% accurate, with one notable exception; the real Tommy DeSimone was massively built.

Was Spider in Goodfellas real?

Like many other characters in Goodfellas, Spider is based on a real-life person, and according to the real Henry Hill, his death in the movie happened just as it did in real-life. Spider’s real name was Michael Gianco, and he became associated with the Lucchese family sometime in the 1960s.

What happened to Philip Leonetti?

In 1989, Leonetti received 45 years in prison for racketeering charges, while Scarfo was given 55 years. Shortly after, he agreed to testify against Scarfo and the family, also admitting to participating in 10 murders; this allowed for his release after only five years, subsequently going into hiding.

Who is Vincent Falcone?

Former Frank Sinatra musical director Vincent Falcone, died March 24, in Torrance, California. He was 79. An extremely talented and versatile pianist, Falcone was diagnosed last year with an advanced form of glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer, a particularly aggressive form of the disease.

Did Tommy DeVito work for Pesci?

After quitting the group, DeVito worked as a card dealer in Las Vegas for three years. DeVito was close with the Joe Pesci, who put him on the payroll as an assistant and had his character in Martin Scorsese’s 1990 mob film GoodFellas named for him.

Were there any real gangsters in Goodfellas?

Jimmy Burke AKA Jimmy Conway AKA Jimmy the Gent. Played by Robert De Niro in Goodfellas. In Goodfellas, Robert De Niro played Jimmy Conway. His real name was Jimmy Burke and he was known in the movie and in real life as Jimmy the Gent.

What happened to Lawrence Merlino?

Last Sunday Lawrence “Yogi” Merlino came home for the last time. He was in a coffin that was shipped under a name only the administrators of the federal witness protection program know. He died of a cancer-related illness — but the details are not publicly known.

Why was Vincent Falcone killed?

Mob career In 1979, Nicky Scarfo ordered Leonetti to murder Vincent Falcone, a criminal associate who had been underestimating Scarfo’s power within the crime family; he shot him twice. This would not be his last murder for Scarfo.