Is Amravati Express running today?

Is Amravati Express running today?

Arrived at Hubli Jn at 03-Jul-2022 11:49. 58 Kms. to arrive Gadag JnGADAG JN….18048 / Vasco-da-Gama – Shalimar Amaravati Express (PT)(VSG – SHM) Running Train Status.

Station HUBLI JN (UBL)
Actual / Sch. Arrival 11:49/11:50
Actual / Sch. Departure 12:00/12:00
Halt 11 min
Train Status On Time

Is Amravati Express Cancelled today?

18048 Vasco-Da-Gama – Howrah Amaravati Express commencing journey from Vasco-Da-Gama on 03.12. 2021 is cancelled.

Why Deccan Express is Cancelled today?

Home. Pune. Pune: Deccan Queen Express Cancelled Due To The Outbreak Of Coronavirus.

Why is Nandigram Express Cancelled?

Aurangabad: Rajya Rani Express and Nandigram Express stand cancelled due to traffic block to be undertaken in the Kalyan-Kasara section for various infrastructural works, an official release by South Central Railway (SCR) said on Thursday.

Where is Deccan train now?

11008 PUNE – MUMBAI CSMT Deccan Express Live Train Running Status

Station Arrival Train Status
Kalyan Jn (KYN) 17:47 On time
Thane (TNA) 18:08 On time
Mumbai Dadar Central (DR) 18:38 On time
Mumbai Csmt (CSMT) 19:05 On time

When Deccan Express will start?

The train 11007 is named as DECCAN EXPRESS. It leaves Mumbai at 07:00 on day 1 and reaches Pune at 11:05 on day 1.It takes 4 hrs 5 mins to reach from its source to the destination….Deccan Express -11007 ( Mumbai Cst to Pune Junction )

Station name (code) Mumbai Cst (CSTM)
Arrives Starts
Departs 07:00
Stop time 0
Distance travelled 0 km

How is Vidarbha Express?

It has a smart user-friendly interface. With few simple taps, you may book your ticket conveniently….Vidarbha Express -12105 ( Mumbai Cst to Gondia Junction )

Station name (code) Nagpur (NGP)
Arrives 08:55
Departs 09:20
Stop time 25 min
Distance travelled 837 km