How old is Shay Carl?

How old is Shay Carl?

42 years (March 5, 1980)Shay Carl / Age

How old is SonTard from ShayTards?


Gavin Butler
Tard Name SonTard
Gender Male
Age 10
Birthday December 3, 2003

How tall are the Shaytards?

He owns the YouTube channels “SHAYTARDS” and “shay carl” with four million and one million subscribers, respectively….Shay Carl bio: net worth, age, height, weight, wife, kids.

Full Name/Real Name Shay Carl Butler
Age as in 2022 42 years old
Heights 1.75 m
Height(s) Feet 5 feet and 8 inches
Height(s) cm 175 cm

What state do the Shaytards live in?

The Shaytards vlog started in a smaller house in Idaho in 09, Then they moved to LA into a house, but while in LA found a better place, where they stayed. At the end of 2009 they went back to Idaho for a short time around christmas to see family, that was when we found out about Mommytard being pregnant.

Is Avia Colette Butler related to Shay?

PrincessTard (born Avia Colette Butler) is the second child of Shay and Colette Butler. She was named after a baby girl Shay, her father, met in Barbados while on his Mormon mission. Avia is the older sister to her younger siblings, Emmi, Brock, and Daxton.

What is the name of the second child of the Shaytards?

Second oldest child of the Shaytards family, a popular YouTube family that posts video blogs about their everyday lives to their 4.8 million subscribers. She is known as Princesstard.

Who is Avia in Gossip Girl?

Avia is the second child of Shay and Colette. Avia is the younger sister to brother Gavin (S ontard), avia is the older sister to Emmi , ( Babytard ), Brock ( Rocktard ), and Daxton ( Brotard ). Avia was named after a baby her father, Shay met while in Barbados while on his mission.

Who is Avia’s sister Emmi?

Avia is the second oldest child of five, and the oldest of girls. Avia is closest younger sister Emmi out of all her sibling. Avia is close to older cousin Brailee.