How much do center pivots cost?

How much do center pivots cost?

Separating Fact From Fiction

Center Pivots Cost Less and Retain their Value
Initial Investment Costs SDI Center Pivot
Total $206,300 $89,010
Total Savings $117,290
Cost per acre $1,331 $712

Where are zimmatic pivots made?

state of Nebraska
Lindsay Corporation (NYSE: LNN), formerly known as Lindsay Manufacturing Co., is a manufacturer of Zimmatic brand center pivot irrigation systems, based in the U.S. state of Nebraska. It also manufactures farm and construction machinery, as well as road and railroad infrastructure equipment.

How much water does a center pivot need?

Most center pivots are designed to be capable of applying 0.3 inches over 24 hours at 6 gpm/ac, meaning you could potentially apply just over 2 inches in a week. Two inches per week or 9 inches in a month is more than enough water to meet a crop’s water use requirements in the humid East.

How much does a Valley pivot cost?

On a 1/4 mile long pivot that irrigates 126 acres the installed cost may average between $75,000.00 and $80,000.00, plus freight. This would place the cost per acre at between $595.00 and $635.00 per acre.

What is zimmatic?

Zimmatic irrigation systems are built to last. From industry-leading durability and strength to innovative enhancements and advanced technology, every product is designed to be a part of a custom and flexible solution that best supports you and your field.

How much electricity does a center pivot use?

Agricultural energy efficiency tour: replacing inefficient irrigation systems

Center Pivot Pumping Rate (gpm) Electricity Usage (kWh/yr)
Full Circle 1,200 65,099
1,050 36,631
3/4 Circle 1,200 40,990
1,050 38,297

Is center pivot irrigation system expensive?

Center pivot irrigation is a common technique in farming, yet it has the highest costs. Diesel alone can cost up to $25,000 yearly for 15 acre-inches per center pivot system. Farmers have enormous pressure to reduce costs and save water, but it’s not easy without jeopardizing crop quality and yield.

Which crops are suitable for center pivot irrigation?

Almost all crops including sugar cane, orchard and vines as well as more traditional field crops such as maize, potatoes, small grains, alfalfa, and vegetable crops can and have been successfully irrigated with center pivot water application systems under a wide range of conditions.

What are the advantages of center pivot irrigation?

Benefits. Center-pivot irrigation uses less labor than many other surface irrigation methods, such as furrow irrigation. It also has lower labor costs than ground-irrigation techniques that require digging of channels. Also, center-pivot irrigation can reduce the amount of soil tillage.

Why irrigation Zimmatic?

Irrigation innovated. We combine unbeatable strength and technologically advanced features to deliver fully integrated solutions that can fit any grower’s situation. From small fields to large, multi-field operations, discover how our line of Zimmatic products can help expand your field’s potential.

What can my local Zimmatic dealer do for me?

Your local Zimmatic dealer is always here to help find which irrigation solutions can best maximize your productivity and profits. Take a look at our featured resources. Switching to a Center Pivot?

Why choose Valley Implement irrigation pivot gear boxes?

Heavy-duty steel stator shell is coated to resist chemicals or corrosive water Triple reduction spur gear provides the industry’s highest efficiency Valley Implement carries irrigation pivot gear boxes for all brands of pivots. Valley, Reinke, Zimmatic, and T&L pivots.

Is direct pivot parts associated with Lindsay/Zimmatic or Reinke?

Direct Pivot Parts is not associated with Lindsay/Zimmatic, Reinke, Valley, or any other manufacturer. Calculate how much it will cost to get your Sprinklers repllaced on your pivot.